‘Dark store’ referendum questions in WI are biased

The Franklin Common Council at its August 21st meeting voted unanimously against placing an advisory referendum on the November ballot that would ask the state Legislature to approve bills to do away with the so-called “Dark Store” loophole. Not wanting to, as Alderman Mark Dandrea said, “beat a dead horse,” the aldermen voted 5-0 against the meaningless referendum.

The referendum resolution was a late add-on to the meeting agenda sought by Mayor Steve Olson who so desperately wants the state Legislature to pass a bill to do away with the loophole, even though such action might very well be unconstitutional.

Several WI communities have asked or will ask referendum questions on this issue. And a column by an official from the WI Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) asserts those referendums are biased.

Your taxpayer dollars are hard at work right now pushing a series of biased referendum questions on the fall ballot around Wisconsin, including here in Winnebago County, that ask you to vote in favor of higher taxes. Quite literally, local governments are using your money to advocate raising taxes.

Not only are municipalities and counties using thousands of taxpayer dollars to put these questions on the ballot, local governments have also been asked to fork over hundreds of thousands of additional taxpayer dollars to fund a campaign in favor of these referendums.

Read the entire column to hear facts one side doesn’t want you to hear.

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2 thoughts on “‘Dark store’ referendum questions in WI are biased

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