Franklin Common Council approves a November referendum, rejects two others

The Franklin Common Council tonight (Tuesday) voted to place a referendum on the November 6, 2018 ballot asking voters to exceed allowed property tax levy limits to add police officers, but rejected two other referendums.

The Council voted 5-0 to ask voters in November if they want to exceed the property tax levy  beyond the amount that is allowed under state law in order to add three officer to the Franklin Police Department.

The Council voted against a referendum to exceed the levy limit to add firefighters.

Also, Mayor Steve Olson had proposed another referendum:

“A Resolution  Scheduling  an  Election  for  an  Advisory  Referendum  that  Recommends the  State  Legislature  Protect  Local  Businesses,  Apartment  Owners,  and  Homeowners from  Property  Tax  Burden  Shifts  by  Passing  Legislation  to  Close  Property  Tax Loopholes Related to the “Dark Store” and Walgreens v. City of Madison Commercial Property Valuation and Taxation Interpretations.”

You will  note the incredibly biased spin of that wording.

To their credit the Council voted 4-1 against the referendum. Alderman Dan Mayer was the lone affirmative vote.

For the second straight Common Council meeting Mayor Steve Olson was not in attendance. Common Council President, Mark Dandrea, presided over the meeting as Acting Mayor, but could only vote if there was a tie vote on measures.

More to come in a later blog.

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