It’s ELVIS WEEK – Controversy? Well, a disagreement among fans for sure

Today at Graceland:

Conversations on Elvis: Gospel

10:00 AM. Graceland Soundstage, Elvis Presley’s Memphis. $30
Hosted by Andy Childs, join us for this very special event featuring those who spent many hours performing gospel music alongside Elvis, both on and off stage. Confirmed guests include: Dr. Emily Cissy” Houston, who was a member of The Sweet Inspirations; former members of The Stamps Quartet, Ed Hill, Donnie Sumner, Bill Baize and Larry Strickland; and Terry Blackwood and Jimmy Murray, who performed with Elvis as part of The Imperials.

This is an excellent and timely topic, especially since the release of a new Elvis gospel CD coincided, as we blogged previously, with ELVIS Week.

This past Saturday at ELVIS Week, there was a celebration of the release of “Where No One Stands Alone,” containing select Elvis Presley gospel songs with new instrumentation and Elvis’ original vocal performances as the centerpiece. The CD included a father-daughter duet on the title track.

I highly recommend that you read this, an exclusive, behind the scenes look at the album.

The packaging and the inclusion of Lisa Marie Presley ignited sparks on the Graceland social media page. Reaction was harsh.

last i remember on xm radio elvis, Lisa Marie has a net worth of over 500 million and profits every penny from peoples spendings at Graceland. I also dont like what they keep doing to his music with all the extras, but yea, she needs to leave his music alone.

Don’t mess with Elvis music he gave to the world.leave it The way Elvis arranged it no one can do it better.

Totally agree. These interviews with his daughter make me sad, what does she know, she was a kindergarten kid when Elvis lived, and how long was she living with him? But now she tells stories of Elvis singing cospels at home, yeah sure..

He made it on his own merit, She should do the same,

I just wish she would stop trying to sing. She can’t. No disrespect intended.

I’m a big Elvis fan Love him!!! But Lisa doesn’t have a good singing voice. She just cant sing! Im not going to lie and support her just because I love her dad…

No disrespect intended, but she can’t sing. Please make it stop!

Elvis’ recordings stand on their own. There is no need to “enhance” anything Elvis has recorded. The true grace of listening to Elvis sing gospel songs is in the sound of his remarkable voice. The depth of his convictions can be felt, not just heard.Any additional voices and superfluous instrumentation greatly detracts from the beauty of this mans one of a kind talent.

I wouldn’t use a “duet” with Lisa Marie as a recommendation to boost sales. If anything it’s a reason not to buy it. Elvis lived and breathed his gospelmusic.

I have the original. stop trying to make more money off of this beloved legend. users are greedy.

she cannot sing and needs to let her father’s greatness stand alone. I’m surprised her greedy fame seeking mom isn’t trying to sing back up…

Very nice. Love Elvis, Lisa is very pretty…she looks just like him…it ends there..unfortunately she didnt inherit his voice.

Really, really bad idea. Elvis was unique in voice, don’t spoil it with fake duets. Are you that desperate for money?

She is rubbish. I want to hear Elvis not her !

She absolutely butchered this

Here’s the deal. For many years when I filled in as a talk show host for Charlie Sykes at WTMJ and Mark Belling at WISN I would at times allow a caller with an opposing viewpoint (who was often a jerk) a certain amount of latitude. Oh I would engage the caller, but I’d give him/her enough air time for two reasons:

1) It made for good radio and I could torpedo his/her argument, and…

2) The stupidity generated by the caller inspired others to jam up the phone lines. I often heard this:

“Sam from Germantown, you’re on Newstalk 1130 WISN.”

“Kevin, thanks for taking my call. I wasn’t going to chime in, but that last caller just drove me nuts and I had to call you!”

Get the idea.

Elvis fans on social media were ripping a new Elvis CD, his daughter, and the whole concept of keeping an icon’s music flourishing, a whopping 41 years after his death.

Here come the responses to the above:

I love the new album. My hubby is the big elvis fan but listening to the old elvis songs and now the new I love it. I think this will make more elvis fans. His music will never die because of album’s like this. I say keep elvis’s music alive and bring out more albums like this. Till everyone in the world has heard him. Everyone deserves to hear elvis’s music what a talent.

I love his music and this “duet” with his daughter is simply beautiful and inspiring!

I feel fairly certain that Elvis would want to help out his daughter Lisa. So I would have no problem with buying this even it is because she needs the money. I love Elvis and his music.

I can’t believe all the so called Elvis Presley fans attacking his daughter who never had the chance to enjoy being with her Dad because he died when she was only 9 years old . For all you people who cry over the death of Elvis Presley, I can guarantee you that no one HURT more than Lisa Marie Presley on August 16 1977 , AND IF THIS PERFORMANCE HELPS HER ,GOD BLES ! And I am 100% sure that Elvis Presley would support her if he was still alive

Disagree, she was old enough to remember him singing etc, this is great it keeps his music and the legend Alive! Gets new people hearing his music etc. If not he would of faded away, but remembered so new generations will know him.

At 50 years old I don’t believe that she is trying to kick off a career. I believe that around this time every year she goes back to Aug 16 1977 . As a small child she saw her Daddy laying dead and being carried out and all the news coverage. IT DOESN’T TAKE A DOCTOR TO FIGURE OUT THAT SHE IS TRYING TO ADDRESS HER PROBLEMS DEALING WITH THE DEATH OF HER DAD. We fans get upset when we think about how we lost a great entertainer, SHE LOST HER DAD AT 9 YEARS OLD

Are you all deaf,she is a powerful singer just like him,she has made it on her own.

She has made her own music which I think is really good and have bought her albums. Everyone and his dog have wanted a duet with Elvis why can’t his daughter. I have loved Elvis since I was 13 and I am now 74 and that love hes never waned. She is Elvis Daughter and she can do what she likes you don’t have to listen.

Any person who attacks or bad mouths her, should walk a week in her shoes! Lisa has survived a Whole Lot of Hurt and betrayal in her life. Not One of us is perfect, so stop judging her and grow up!!!

No true Elvis fan would bad mouth his daughter.

taking personal attacks is wrong, and I don’t have a problem with her. And when I do not like someone music I just don’t buy it or listen to it. It’s called capitalism and it works, SO NO NEED TO TAKE PERSONAL ATTACKS AND I AM 100% SURE THAT ELVIS PRESLEY WOULD LOVE TO PERFORM WITH HIS DAUGHTER

she was old enough to remember him singing etc, this is great it keeps his music and the legend Alive! Gets new people hearing his music etc. If not he would of faded away, but remembered so new generations will know him.

Look, Lisa Marie in my view is not a gifted singer. But I love these new enhanced recordings. Most importantly, thank you to all who are striving to keep Elvis’s music alive.

More on today, August 15th at ELVIS Week:

Candlelight Vigil

8:30 PM. Graceland Front Gate.
After an opening ceremony at the Gates of Graceland, fans are invited to walk up the driveway to Elvis’ gravesite and back down carrying a candle in quiet remembrance. Gates remain open until all who wish to participate in the procession have done so, which typically takes until the early morning hours of August 16, the anniversary of Elvis’ passing. Security check points will be in place to access the street in front of Graceland Mansion, and an Elvis Week Property Pass will be required to enter the procession line up to Meditation Garden. Click here for more about the Elvis Week Property Pass and security guidelines.

To close, Elvis returns home to Memphis in 1974 for concerts that included a gospel medley. Featuring the bass voice of the late J.D. Sumner.

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