Tuesday is Election Day in Wisconsin

Tuesday’s election is a closed primary in Wisconsin.

That means electors may vote for candidates of only one political party.  Select a political party ballot from the party preference section at the beginning of the ballot.  Connect the arrow or fill in the oval in the space designated for the ballot of your choice.  If you designate a party preference, and then cast a vote for a candidate in another party or write in a name under another party, only those votes cast for candidates of the party designated will count.  If you do not designate a party preference, and vote for candidates of more than one party or write in a name under another party, none of your votes will be counted.  You must cast a vote for individual candidates.

As a conservative I will be voting for Republican candidates.

My picks

Governor’s race

Gov. Scott Walker

Lieutenant governor

Rebecca Kleefisch does not have a challenger in the primary. I will still vote for her.

U.S. Senate

State Sen. Leah Vukmir

U.S. House

District 1 (my district)

Bryan Steil

District 4

I don’t live in Gwen Moore’s district. If I did my choice would be businesswoman Cindy Werner

District 5

The easy choice is Jim Sensenbrenner

Secretary of State

Jay Schroeder

State treasurer

Travis Hartwig

Milwaukee County Sheriff

Since three Democrats are running and I’m not crossing over I can’t vote in this one, and that’s fine. I’m not thrilled with any of them.

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