Franklin voters…

If you’re voting Tuesday in the primary election and want to avoid being chewed out or chastised by a poll worker, know this before you approach the workers’ table.

Your WARD number.

Yes, you’ll be asked to give your WARD number, expected to have it memorized, if not emblazoned on your forehead. And if you don’t know it you’ll be looked upon like you’re some sort of numskull.

At one past election an angry blue-hair acted though she was insulted when I couldn’t immediately rattle off my WARD number. Had my photo ID, a state photo ID, name, address, and other poll workers that could have easily vouched for me. But Mrs. Wrong Side of Bed was adamant I fork over a WARD number.

The city website would have the info, or a call to the City Clerk’s office would prevent you from being dressed down.

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