UPDATE: Don’t forget the race for Milwaukee County Sheriff

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The update:

Since I’m not enamored with Acting Sheriff Richard Schmidt I was hoping to meet Earnell Lucas a few weeks ago when he made an appearance here in Franklin. But unfortunately I was out of town.

Not long after I was glad to receive a Lucas brochure in the mail, giving an opportunity to learn more about the candidate.

The mailer included about 60 endorsements. With a rare exception (Franklin Alderman Steve Taylor) the lengthy list was primarily a who’s who of state and local officials that voted for Hillary in 2016.

Yes, I know Lucas and Schmidt are running as Democrats. But this for me was a red flag.

Also endorsing Lucas,  several unions. Made me wonder if Lucas would be a union lackey if elected.

Before the piece landed in our mailbox I heard Lucas interviewed on talk radio saying his deputies would not assist federal officials when it comes to illegal immigrants. Then I read Lucas’ brochure where he’s endorsed by Voces de la Frontera, a militant group that’s very pro-illegal (Nationwide, 78 local law enforcement agencies in 20 states participate in the 287(g) program that deputizes local law enforcement to effectively act as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. Through the program,  ICE deported close to 6,000 illegal immigrants last year).

Hmm. Another red flag.

Recently Dan Bice of the Journal Sentinel went after Schmidt in a column suggesting Schmidt was a bit strange. Why? Because he’s religious.

Gee. The daily paper criticizing Schmidt. For me that’s not a reason to vote for Lucas.

Again, there are two Democrats running. When I’m faced with deciding between two like candidates I go with the one who’s most conservative. Not by much, but that would be Schmidt.

The acting sheriff does get some points for actually having served in the position. And he was appointed by Gov. Walker, that also carries some weight.

I still have a few days before Tuesday’s primary to figure out who will get my vote. Neither excites me.

If I had to decide right now, I lean towards Schmidt.

NOTE: I will support whomever wins.

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