Franklin on a fast track to put an emergency services referendum on the ballot

Results of last month’s survey of Franklin residents regarding funding of emergency services have been tabulated and will be announced at this Tuesday night’s meeting of the Franklin Common Council. That’s according to the city of Franklin website.

After a presentation of the results Franklin’s Director of Administration will present information for discussion on considering the survey options including 1) addressing the issue within the annual budget process or 2) considering a referendum to increase the allowable property tax levy.

This next portion from the website (See Page 85) is critical:

Due to statutory timelines for a referendum and due to the budget process having its own procedures, the funding mechanisms discussion will focus on referendum alternatives. That is important because the Common Council will need to consider their next Council Meeting on August 21st whether or not to place the public safety options referendum question on the ballot. The statutory deadline for the City Clerk to receive the approved referendum question is August 28th.

This tells me that those responding to the survey in favor of additional taxes for emergency services outnumbered those who preferred the status quo or making cuts to avoid a property tax increase.

Note the highly questionable timing of this item. Survey Distributed in July. Results tabulated and analyzed less than a week later. Data to be announced in August and the Common Council will consider and more than likely approve a referendum for November in August. It’s all happening during the dog days of summer than the normally apathetic Franklin public is paying virtually little attention.

Mark my words. Odds are the referendum will be approved, given there’s really no one in public office in Franklin we can consistently count on to be a friend of the taxpayer. The question will be so blatantly worded to the point that no one could possibly in their heart of hearts be opposed. When the referendum passes the spin out of Franklin City Hall will be that the people have spoken, that they did this to themselves.

So now the mad rush is on. Recently Mayor Steve Olson who continues to disappoint commented on a Facebook page that Franklin was a long way from a referendum.  The exact opposite is true. Franklin is on a very fast track to approving a referendum aimed at persuading residents to vote themselves yet another tax increase.

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