Thank you, state of Wisconsin!

Over on my wife’s blog Jennifer writes about the sales tax holiday in Wisconsin August 1-5. She points out the holiday is taking place not long after the child tax rebate was distributed to families all across the state.

Some argue the holiday is a gimmick and not very substantial.

The entire concept has been around for awhile but was never possible in the Badger State under then-Governor Jim Doyle who only believed in high taxes and not tax relief.

Years ago I talked about a sales tax holiday with former state Senator Mary Lazich when I was on her staff. I’ll never forget she said given the tax climate at the time that any break for the taxpayers would be welcome, and I concur.

My mayor is forever ripping the state for, you name it. He’s notorious for blasting and blaming “the state.” This has gone on for years.

Ironically, thanks to Governor Walker and state Republicans, folks could file for the child tax rebate from May 15, 2018 to July 2, 2018. And now there’s a sales tax holiday this Wednesday – Sunday.

While my mayor continues to bash “the state,” a la a broken record, his administration is working feverishly to orchestrate an emergency services city tax increase.


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