Local Roads Clearly Not A Local Priority

Coming up, stuff you won’t read in the local paper, or any local paper around the state.

We’re told, and I saw this in print recently, that Wisconsin’s infrastructure is, not just in need of repair, but crumbling.

One columnist went so far as to write that the roads issue will be the end of Gov. Walker’s run. Now that’s quite a leap.

Here’s a great piece of journalism that won’t show up in many places because it doesn’t fit the template of Wisconsin editors and reporters out to tank a certain administration.

And I’m not surprised it was written by Bill Osmulski of the MacIver Institute who does an outstanding job. Here’s an excerpt:

Perception and reality take radically different paths in Wisconsin when it comes to local road maintenance. Basically, local governments throughout the state claim their roads are falling apart and they don’t have any money to fix them. That’s not true; not by a long shot.

There’s no reason why most local governments can’t address their road funding needs with existing resources. The problem is, many simply choose not to make transportation a top priority.

Local governments have more than enough funding available to maintain their roads – it’s just not a high enough priority to them. What’s worse, by neglecting road repairs, they seem to believe they can manufacture a crisis as a way to get more state funding.

Every year the State of Wisconsin provides well over $400 million to local governments in General Transportation Aids to help “offset” local costs.

Read the entire article here.

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