Oak Creek is conducting a survey, too

To review, the Franklin survey on emergency services that residents have until July 30th to fill out has two phases.

Phases I and II would have an estimated cost of between $31,100 and $38,200.

The city opted not to use the free service of Survey Monkey.

Meanwhile an Oak Creek survey was e-mailed to us on July 2.


Oak Creek Logo
Help Us Improve the City’s Website
We need your input! As part of the the City’s Strategic Action Plan, we are undertaking a redesign of the city website to make it more useful for all users. We invite you to give us your thoughts about the current website, and help us improve the new one by completing a brief survey before July 13.

Oak Creek went with Survey Monkey.

From Franklin Mayor Steve Olson’s Facebook Page:

Are tax dollars being used to pay for the development and facilitation of survey?

Yes, the Common Council approved a budget of $42,000 for survey development, design, printing, mailing, return mailing, data collection and analysis, as well as a report on the findings of the survey.

Why not use Survey Monkey or another free on-line survey?

We want to make the survey is accessible to all residents. In addition to providing the online participation opportunity, a paper version is also mailed giving residents a chance to respond in writing and mail their response back. The feedback provided online and via mail is all processed by the vendor.

Using a professional survey consultant helps to ensure the integrity of the survey by controlling access to prevent individuals from responding to the survey more than once. Community Perceptions is a neutral third party that can provide independent analysis of the data.

A rather lengthy explanation that the city simply can’t help itself.

All those in favor of spending more money say aye!

3 thoughts on “Oak Creek is conducting a survey, too

  1. Come on Kevin…the Mayor’s response is on point and makes sense. The hard copy responses from, most likely, mainly Seniors needs to be heard from as well.


    • No, the mayor’s response is a long-winded attempt to rationalize and defend the city’s wasteful spending on a survey that’s not necessary. For a guy who posts about a dozen economic charts daily on his page I thought you could see right through this charade to finagle folks into approving their own (SUCKERS!) property tax hike. Seems you fell for it as many others will.

      And you’re assuming seniors don’t have computers or know how to use them. Time to pull head out of sand.


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