Don’t forget the race for Milwaukee County Sheriff

The upcoming election for Milwaukee County Sheriff will probably come down Acting Sheriff Richard Schmidt and Earnell Lucas. Sheriff’s Deputy Robert Ostrowski is also running but it appears Schmidt and Lucas have the much better opportunity to win. Lucas is a former Milwaukee Police Department captain who works as Major League Baseball’s chief liaison of security and investigations.

James D. Villwock, a sheriff’s deputy, registered as a write-in candidate for the fall election to challenge the Democratic Party nominee and is running as a Republican in Milwaukee County that just about destroys his chances.

Since Schmidt has the position he’s been sought after for interviews by talk radio. Last week Schmidt was extremely busy hitting WTMJ and WISN more than once.

The acting sheriff admitted to WETMJ’s John Mercure that because of a shortage of deputies he’s had to resort to forced overtime. He also conceded it might take up to six weeks to hire enough deputies to get to the point where forced overtime wouldn’t have to be implemented.

Six weeks.

Schmidt also bragged to Mercure that his department has brought in video lasers, new sophisticated and in his words, “very expensive” radar units that can take video of a car that’s approaching at an aggressive and reckless pace, gets the exact and the correct license plate.

In fact, ever since being named acting sheriff, Schmidt has crusaded on a top priority of nabbing speeders.

Listening to Schmidt rail on how critical pulling speeders over reminded me of the mid-90’s when I was working at WTMJ Radio and often filled in for talk show host Charlie Sykes.

On one of those programs I talked about the very new concept of photo radar. While I didn’t endorse it per se, I did ask listeners, shouldn’t we provide law enforcement every tool at our disposal to assist them with their jobs?

Not all, but I’d say more than half of those who called in were livid, adamantly opposed.

I can’t see cracking down on speeding as a winning issue for Schmidt.

As for earnest Lucas, I only know his credentials and would like to know more about him because Schmidt doesn’t do much for me.

Lucas has been getting some key endorsements and he’s raking in a lot of cash.

Now he needs to get out in public and spread his message.

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