Is Franklin anti-senior?

One might certainly come to that conclusion as of late.

Our mayor fanned the flames recently when he bashed memory care senior housing coming to Ballpark Commons. His remarks led to more negative reaction on social media.

Apparently seniors don’t go to ballgames, go shopping, make retail purchases, ever leave their homes, or pay enough taxes.

One person sarcastically wrote it’s water and cat food for Franklin’s elderly.

Their very existence in our city is now being used as ammunition for a possible referendum on emergency services where beleaguered Franklin taxpayers will be asked AGAIN to up their own property taxes.

In response to all this I was struck and very impressed with these sentiments posted by an older Franklin resident.

I have read many of the replies to the survey for a possible increase in police and emergency personel. As I read between the lines i get the feeling that many Franklin citizens feel Senior, i.e. 55 and over apartments, and assisted living facilities are the primary reason for a possible increase in police and EMT’s.  

May i remind some of you that the generation currently at the “top of the pyramid”, i.e. the BABY BOOMER Generation which i am a part is what has been defined as the primary reason for a possible increase in personel. This may be hard to imagine, BUT everyone is getting older, even the youngest person to leave a comment on this site will eventually grow old and may need the assistance from the police or emt’s.  

Where would you suggest those of us who chose to downsize from larger homes to apartment living, those of us who made a choice to move to Franklin live? Remember this, aging can sometimes = need for assistance BUT when we are not draining the coffers of the EMT’s and police department we are spending $$ LOTS OF $$ in this community. if we feel as though we are not wanted because we drive the speed limit, we don’t use 51st street like a race track, we don’t commit crime, or play loud music at all hours of the day and night, etc, etc, etc,…..our biggest crime is that we have grown older and made a choice to live in what we thought was a welcoming community. 

 I don’t feel very welcomed right now. I get the feeling that only young, upwardly mobile families are welcome in Franklin. if you are old, or might need help from the police or emt’s FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE TO LIVE, but of course, drive to Franklin, spend $$ and of course, have a GREAT DAY!

Perfectly stated.

4 thoughts on “Is Franklin anti-senior?

  1. Taylor knows he’s being outdone by the rest of the area’s mayors and should stop his grandstanding. Had he actually fostered commercial development here without the need for a TIF, maybe we wouldn’t have these constant tax dilemmas.


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