FLASHBACK: Franklin is a retail sieve

The SURPRISE SURPRISE arrival of an emergency services survey in Franklin mailboxes requesting, in essence, a property tax increase has led to, for the most part, decent discussion on social media.

Some who’ve commented have appropriately written, hey, you want more of my money, how about attracting more businesses to Franklin to create jobs and a larger tax base.

Some examples:

Amazon is looking at a spot in Oak Creek for a facility larger than in Kenosha. Oak Creek says they have two other large companies looking at that land off Ryan. Why can’t we get businesses like that to help with our taxes?

It does seem like all of the other surrounding cities are making more of an effort to bring in businesses and new ideas then Franklin is, when Franklin should be. We just moved here from Florida , and when we drive around it looks like other cities are trying a lot harder to refresh, update, and keep new parts of their communities. When I drive through Franklin it seems like we’re just comfortable being Franklin.

Legitimate responses.

An old blog of mine is still timely today and sadly demonstrates that in four years, nothing has changed.

2 thoughts on “FLASHBACK: Franklin is a retail sieve

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