City of Franklin taxpayers potentially facing a TRIPLE WHAMMY

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I’ve contended since I started blogging in 2007 that Franklin is a Tax Hell. And with good reason.

They just keep taxing and taxing and taxing and taxing and taxing.

And fellow Franklin residents, hold on to your wallets because future prospects could be quite draining on your personal finances. The city has not one but three opportunities to sock it to you.

1) There’s talk reassessments will be coming to your mailbox soon. If they’re anything like last year’s controversial configurations they’ll skyrocket above the moon. It’s a scam. We all know it. And we’re screwed.

2) The biased emergency services survey will probably lead to a referendum. That die has been cast. It’s what the city wants and the city will do what it wants to, no matter the survey results. If there is a referendum the city propaganda may convince enough voters to approve a tax increase.

3) Then there’s the annual city budget process, another opportunity to raise taxes.

Three ways to knock taxpayers senseless.

And that’s not even considering the next budget from the Jesse James Gang, the Franklin School Board that has never met a tax increase they don’t fall in love with.

Lately there have been dozens and dozens of comments on social media pertaining to the whole emergency services mess. This one just might be the best, from Lisa Campagna Schiller:

Dear God, how much more can we pay in taxes in Franklin???

Is anyone with taxing authority in Franklin listening?

Do they even care?

2 thoughts on “City of Franklin taxpayers potentially facing a TRIPLE WHAMMY

  1. No, they don’t care. The incompetence this city’s administration (note, they are not leaders) demonstrates is rather staggering. Bike paths, empty stores, a main thoroughfare with seedy motels and overtaxed residents are their legacy.


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