The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel LOVES those liberal rallies

On Sunday the Journal Sentinel’s Rick Barrett filed a report on Milwaukee’s rally on Saturday opposing the federal government’s immigration policies.

Barrett’s editor must have been feeling mighty generous, as his story ended up with a whopping 950 words.

An even bigger word count came back in March when the paper reported on Milwaukee’s March For Our Lives gun control gathering in Milwaukee. That story amounted to 1260 words.

I wanted to compare these to the Journal Sentinel’s coverage of the huge March for Life rally back in January in Washington D.C., the nation’s largest annual pro-life event. Even though this year marked the first time a sitting president of the United States addressed the march I couldn’t find any recap article with a Journal Sentinel byline.

There was an opinion piece by Heather Weininger, executive director of Wisconsin Right to Life. The paper allowed her 518 words.

The day after the March for Life the second annual Women’s March was held in Milwaukee and in many other parts of the country. That one got the attention of the Journal Sentinel to the tune of 885 words.

But no way is the newspaper biased.

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