Seen on Facebook today: Thoughts on the Governor, USA, and the President

Gov. Walker posted, reminding Wisconsinites time is quickly running out to apply for the $100 per child tax credit. This guy wasn’t impressed.

You sure you want to keep posting this crap? Just reminds people like me how we’re getting the shaft because we have no children. it would have been a lot smarter to put it towards the roads.

A terrific response:

Governor Walker, thanks for this. Even though I do not personally benefit from it, I’m happy that you continue to work for the people of Wisconsin. I understand that not everything that is done can benefit every person in the state. (Only communists seem unable to grasp this concept!)


So here’s my question… if America is as awful as they say it is… why do they want illegal immigrants to be let in?

Shouldn’t we be warning them to stay out? Shouldn’t all of these people be seeking refugee status in El Salvador?

And finally…

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