Friday Night Forgotten Oldie: A Very Special Love Song

Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole.

Frank and Nancy Sinatra.

Pat and Debby Boone.

Famous father-daughter singing duos.

Here’s another you may not remember.

Image result for neil dara sedaka, image, photo

Neil and Dara Sedaka.

Just a few of Sedaka’s hits: Oh! Carol, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do and Calendar Girl.

Then in 1963, when songsmith Neil Sedaka was about to become a father for the first time, he jokingly issued an edict to his wife. “He didn’t care whether it was a boy or a girl,” Leba Sedaka recalls, “as long as his firstborn had perfect pitch.” It was a girl, named Dara, and she made her debut fully equipped with “extraordinary musical abilities,” according to her father. “She had had nine months of training,” said Neil. “I used to sing to her mother’s belly.”

Now it’s 1980.

Daughter Dara is 16.

And she and Dad have a record in the top 40.

Sin título

On this day 38 years ago the above recording was working its way up the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It peaked at #19 on July 19, 1980.


Here, Dara is even younger. She’s a whole 12.

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