Today’s highly interesting read (06/21/18): Time to quit it with the ‘Let’s kill the Foxconn deal’ rhetoric

The headline on reads:

Foxconn: MU poll shows support for project treading water

From the Marquette University Law School poll:

When asked if businesses where the respondent lives will benefit from Foxconn, 29 percent say businesses will benefit directly from the Foxconn plant, while 61 percent say their local businesses will not benefit and 9 percent don’t know.

Also from the poll:

Forty-six percent think the state is paying more than the Foxconn plant is worth, while 40 percent think the plant will provide at least as much value as the state is investing in the plant.

A majority—56 percent—of registered voters statewide believe the Foxconn plant will substantially improve the economy of the larger Milwaukee area, while 33 percent do not think it will and 10 percent say they don’t know.

It’s not surprising there are some negative results in this poll given that the daily paper is on a daily crusade to torpedo Foxconn simply because it’s happening under the current governor’s watch.

In an exclusive interview with FOX 6 News a Foxconn executive expressed frustration at the lack of bipartisanship.

That brings us to today’s read from, not exactly a conservative publication. It writes, in part:

The time to ask the biggest question of all – whether the state should have entered into the deal in the first place – has come and gone. If the deal is so bad, then the time to kill it was before construction had started. It’s most definitely not now, when hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of work is already underway.

Read the entire article here.

3 thoughts on “Today’s highly interesting read (06/21/18): Time to quit it with the ‘Let’s kill the Foxconn deal’ rhetoric

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