Not everyone is drinking the media Kool-Aid about separated children at the border

Image: A boy and father from Honduras are taken into custody by U.S. Border Patrol agents

From social media:

BUILD THE WALL..ENFORCE OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS…..Nevermind the crime rate in MEXICO..look at what is happening here. Escalating crime. Our cities, parks, deserts and beaches are being trashed. Homeless, Illegals and drugs. Who pays? THE TAX PAYER…STOP IT NOW!

Why are we not concerned with a 7 time felon with 5 deportations that killed a San Francisco lady. Often illegals come with nothing and our tax dollars provide food ,shelter , medical , dental and education for there children and monthly expenses.

Decades of ignoring the problem needs to end, Congress needs to fund that wall and set strict laws! Thank you Mr President for not backing down on this issue!

Stay strong Mr. President, as Americans are backing you. Let the liberals and the illegals whine and cry all they want. We support you and immigration laws. Build that wall. If they didn’t want to be separated, then they should not have brought them here illegally. Send them home together if being together is of the most importance to them.

Why is it any footage I’ve ever seen of these poor mistreated kids they’re all playing soccer or playing PlayStation four. If the mistreatment was real or if they were in some kind of danger the liberal media surely would point that out.

It’s not our problem when illegal aliens use their chidren to gain entry to this country. We have to put a cap on it eventually or we will be more inundated than we already are. Enough is enough.

We need low paying jobs for our own citizens that are struggling as well.

Where were all of you when I was separated from my Father during WW2 for 2 years? No turkey at home Thanksgiving, no food bank,no Christmas gifts, Family allowance of $76 a month. The Dems were in charge ! similar situation for my generation. Nota lot of sympathy here!

Where is their outrage for the daily separation of American children from their families whenever the parents are too destitute or on drugs or incarcerated. This is a political ploy to take our minds off of how the democratic party is failing. Where was their outrage all these years while this has been the law. Rather than protest they should fix the border.

Arguably the best conservative president Ronald Reagan put Cuban immigrants in tents underneath I 95. Nothing was said. Bill Clinton did absolutely nothing to stop kids being separated from their parents. George Bush and the last president also did absolutely nothing.

Anyone that pretends they cant figure out what happens with years of open borders and a carrot on the end of a stick is the liar. Anyone that really cant figure out what is behind this fight by the left for unending flow of foreigners into our country just has a low IQ.

The people that are coming in illegally are bringing other peoples children to gain entry. This has to stop. Mexico is so corrupt and the drug cartels are sneaking in here infecting our country with the drugs. I’m tired of them waving their countr’s flag while breaking our laws.

This is outrageous for the Democrat’s & liberal media to use these children to distract from all the good President Trump is doing. This child border policy has been in place since 1997, during GW Bush & Obama. There was NO outrage or all this media hype in all those years. This is outrage is all manufactured by the left and some Rino’s on the right including the Bush’s, to hurt our president.

So with the thinking of the liberals and Democrats anyone that commits a crime and goes to jail is separated from their children, so we should let everyone go. we might as well have no jails or laws

We need to enforce the laws that are currently on the books. My sympathies are with the wives and children of the Border Patrol Agents, who lost their lives performing their duties when illegals took away their husbands, fathers, brothers or uncles.. With every influx, I am sure the crime rates are going wayyy up!

This border policy has been the standard procedure since Bill Clinton was in office. Democrats instituted the law and now refuse to change it, playing on people’s emotions for political gain instead of working to rewrite it.

The Dems won’t help with this issue because it is the one and only platform that they have in the next election. They don’t really care about these people or they would have done something before.

Agree Mr. President! A country that doesn’t have guidelines, law and order and borders to protect the hard working, tax-paying, American citizens isn’t a country. Also, where is the OUTCRY against the slaughtering of millions of babies through abortion?

Why don’t people just come here legally… My family did it, made sacrifices but at least we live a happy life , pay taxes and live legally in America. Illegals….you’re coming into America illegaly, don’t get shocked when you’re sent .

People are outraged by a parent leaving a child in a car, but have no problem with parents who endanger their children illegally violating our borders. Unbelievable!

The problem lies in the democrats not obeying the laws, thus their future voters…illegals do not obey the laws. We have a law that if a criminal creates a crime in USA, his children are taken , generally by the county .

The democrats want the illegals here, they basically buy their votes by giving everything…free phones, medical care, college, food, etc……democrat policies are so bad they’ve lost huge blocks of the American populace, so they have to lie, cheat and steal to get the votes…….see why they are so against voter i.d. laws

The Democrats are just shifting attention away from all they did illegally during the election and what they are doing to obstruct progress. Sad. We need to support our president who is having to fight this.

And why do people I know have to wait in line for years from different Countries to be vetted in, but yet we let them come from the south in groups and find out later they’re Cartell or Gang members.

It’s all very simple when you think about it. How many people can you take into YOUR home and support before you go broke and are not able to take care of yourself? No one has unlimited resources, not even the government.

And how about this.

Fact check: Viral image of child in a cage was not detained by ICE


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