Week-ends (06/16/18)

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The Packing House

Stephanie Weber

Des Manahan

Sarah Sanders



These fathers


“I have the greatest supporters in the world. By the way they’re the smartest, they’re the hardest working, they pay taxes.”
President Trump

Trump has “once again done something astounding and unpredictable.” Trump’s “decisiveness and willingness to take risks repudiates a deep elite diplomatic tradition of slow, cautious work by subordinates to gradually develop an agenda. President Trump has already accomplished more with North Korea than Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama combined.  And this is just the beginning.”
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich

“Just because something hasn’t happened before, doesn’t mean it’s historic. That’s one thing. I think when you call something historic, it means it has a good chance of having lasting implications. And I think it’s very unclear, at least to my layman’s eye, that this does that.” 
Time contributing editor Jon Meacham on the North Korean summit

If President Trump’s groundbreaking work this week wins him the Nobel Peace Prize, have no fear. Democrats and their media bodyguards will attack the medal for being too shiny, not shiny enough, or made of gold rather than platinum — whatever it takes to guarantee that Donald J. Trump always has a bad day.”
Columnist Deroy Murdock

“North Korea has great beaches. You see that whenever they’re exploding cannons into the ocean… Wouldn’t that make a great condo? … You could have the best hotels in the world right there. Think of it from a real estate perspective. You have South Korea. You have China. And they own the land in the middle. How bad is that? Right? It’s great.”
President Trump at the North Korean summit

“I may be wrong, I mean I may stand before you in six months and say, ‘Hey I was wrong.’ I don’t know that I’ll ever admit that, but I’ll find some kind of an excuse.”
President Trump at the North Korean summit

“Did you get a beautiful photo that makes me look nice and handsome and thin and perfect?”
President Trump questioning photographers at the North Korean summit

“What is persecution? You know, it’s not discrimination. It’s not that a volcano exploded and there’s ash falling on your home. It’s not that there are no jobs in your area. Even if the government is doing nothing about creating jobs for you, that’s not persecution. So I think people were conscious of the fact that this was to provide protection for a limited and discrete number of people.

“There’s a lot of terrible stuff going on in the world, and the solution to all the terrible stuff that’s going on in the world cannot be let’s bring every single person who’s a victim of anything to the United States and let them live here with their families forever. That can’t be the right answer. Well, what is the right answer? The right answer is whatever Congress says the right answer is. Congress has spoken on this issue. We’ve set up this immigration procedure. Congress has given us statutes that tell us who can immigrate permanently to the United States and who is removable from the United States. And that’s what the system is designed to enforce. Congress can change the laws any time.”
Temple University law professor Jan Ting on NPR discussing Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision that severely limits who is eligible for asylum

“Think of all the dumb things you’ve done or said while angry or after just stubbing your toe on a coffee table and imagine being that way all the time. That’s where liberals need to keep their voters, and that’s why you see marches and protests on a near weekly basis since the 2016 election. Liberals need to keep their base misinformed and emotional to keep them motivated. If that means lying, then they will lie. If that means dancing on someone’s grave, then they will dance.”
Derek Hunter, author of “Outrage, INC: How the Liberal Mob Ruined Science, Journalism, and Hollywood.”

“Totally one-sided.” The resolution “feeds a narrative to the desperate people of Gaza that their leaders are not responsible for their predicament. It stokes hatred. It sacrifices honesty, accuracy, compromise and reconciliation in favor of the advancement of a narrow political agenda.” There are “no perfect actors on either side of this conflict. But it does no one any good to pretend that all blame lies on one side.”
U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley after the United Nations General Assembly approved a resolution condemning Israel for defending itself. By a tally of 120 to 8, the members declared that Israel was guilty of “excessive use of force” against Palestinians who were protesting the opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem. The resolution also requested recommendations to protect Palestinians.

I think the hard thing for Bill Clinton is that he has always been the gold standard in communication — in being able to connect with people – to thread these needles — to bring people together. And there’s something missing now in that ability of his. And so, if you listen to the whole thing in context, you can tell his heart’s in the right place. He’s really trying to make the case, but the word choice is just not proper. And so I hate to see the guy get beat up, but he just could be at that stage of his aging process where maybe he just can’t be as precise as we need him to be, and I think his heart was in the right place on that one.”
Liberal CNN political commentator Van Jones tried to put a positive spin on former President Bill Clinton suggesting that it used to be acceptable to subject women to sexual behavior “against their will.” Jones was asked about Clinton’s recent appearance on PBS where Clinton said that the “norms have changed” in society for what “you can do to somebody against their will.”

“We wanted to get a photo with her. I’m disappointed just in the sense that I’ve been here longer than I would want to be in a strip club.I’m disappointed just in the sense that I’ve been here longer than I would want to be in a strip club.”
Sean Buck, a Stormy Daniels fan who was hoping to share the photo with his Republican aunt. Buck attended Daniels’ show Thursday night in Chicago. Daniels abruptly left the theater afterward, passing fans who had paid extra for a post-show meet-and-greet, after she had a dispute with the club’s owner over money.

“Let me correct the rumor that she (Stormy Daniels) was fired. She walked out on 75 guests who paid $20 and were patiently waiting to take pictures with her. She wanted to renegotiate her contract because she can get more money now. We cannot deal with a person who is irresponsible and greedy.”
Strip club owner Sam Cecola

“Applebee’s is offering $1 Long Island iced teas for the entire month of June. So if someone tells you they just spent $20 at Applebee’s, get them to a hospital.”
Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon on Applebee’s June $1 deal for the 10 oz. drink, which includes vodka, rum, gin, tequila and triple sec, mixed with a sweet & sour mix, topped with cola


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