E-mails, I get e-mails: 500 days. Can you believe it?


It’s been over 500 days since I took the Oath of Office and promised you we would Make America Great Again!

It’s been my great honor to fight for you. But because our mission has been about you, I want to hear your thoughts and opinions.

Please take the First 500 Days Approval Survey.

Because of your support, Kevin, we have….

    • Put ISIS on the run, and sent a message to our adversaries that terrorism and threats against our national security will no longer be tolerated
    • Initiated historic talks with North Korea to denuclearize the Korean peninsula and achieve peace and global stability
    • Enacted sweeping tax reform, putting hard earned money back in the pockets of Americans
    • Brought the unemployment numbers to a record low, tying the lowest rate since 1969 Reduced harmful regulations on American industry that had been crippling the U.S. Economy since the Obama administration
    • Strengthened our borders like never before: criminals are now being stopped at the border, harmful drugs are being seized, and America is getting safer

….and so much more.

No longer is the government working against the American People. Now, with your help, I am putting its power back into your hands.

But what matters most is that YOU approve of the work we’ve done to Make America Great Again!

So please, make it your priority to take my First 500 Days Approval Survey today to let me know what you think of the job we’ve done so far.


President Trump Signature Headshot
Donald J. Trump
President of the United States

Paid for by the Republican National Committee
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

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