More than 400,000 Wisconsin child tax rebate claims filed

Is that so surprising?

Gov. Walker and the GOP-controlled state Legislature came up with an incredibly popular idea.

Remember a certain party condemned this rebate, calling it a gimmick and a re-election ploy.

What party would that be?

Image result for image, photo picture, tAX HAPPY DEMOCRATS

That would be the same party that has never supported any tax break for hard-working taxpayers.

I’m no longer in the journalistic field 24/7.

So given the news that we’re now less than a month away from the deadline to file for the $100 Wisconsin child tax rebate and more than 408,000 claims have been filed since May 15th, this would be a good assignment for an enterprising reporter anywhere in Wisconsin.

Check to see if any eligible elected officials for the rebate, say your state Assembly Representatives, state Senators, and I would include the Democratic candidates for Governor, submitted and claimed the credit. I don’t know of any Democrat that has come out in full blown support.

They’e entitled, of course. But I would love to see who stepped over the line on the Democratic side and acted hypocritically.

Think any reporter, anywhere , in this great big state will do that?


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