Milw. Co. Supervisor Alexander fails in selfish move to have taxpayers pay for her White House trip

This one requires some explanation.

Follow along. Stay with me. I’ll connect the dots.

On WEDNESDAY, MAY 23, Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander was at the White House meeting with officials after being invited by the Trump administration.

On the same day (yesterday) Alexander issued a news release about the trip.

TODAY, Alexander was back in Wisconsin to attend a regularly scheduled meeting of the full Milwaukee County Board.

One of the items on the agenda was a resolution to lift the current travel ban that the County Board imposed on itself some time ago for out-of-Milwaukee County travel.

There is a travel ban in place for County Board members.

The County Board has enacted a travel ban for other county departments. To be fair and to avoid being hypocritical the Board also imposed a travel ban on itself.

For the very recent White House visitor this posed a problem.

There was lots of discussion on this one as Alexander was hoping her office account could be used to pay for her trip.

She went so far as to suggest travel between February and May of this year be allowed.

During floor debate Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic commented directly to Alexander saying if she thought her DC venture was going to be reimbursed, “you were poorly misinformed.”

Dimitrijevic then couldn’t resist a zinger.

It’s “odd” she said that the people that are “most critical of other (county) spending” are claiming that on this issue “we can be lenient, and one would argue, liberal.”


County Board Chair Theo Lipscomb reminded the body that all travel must be approved by the County Board Chair in order to receive reimbursement.

Earlier in the meeting Alexander admitted that when she made her request to travel to the White House it wasn’t rejected or accepted. She was merely told “there’s a travel ban.”

Alexander didn’t take that for an answer. She made the trip anyway.

Lipscomb made it very clear on the record. “We did not approve” your travel he said to Alexander.

Alexander tried to talk and talk and talk her way into gaining support. But the more she argued the more she lost ground. She kept spinning herself right into the ground with a flimsy defense. I defy anyone who watches the video of the meeting as I did to try to understand what in the world she was talking about.

As Shakespeare once wrote, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

On the final vote to lift the travel ban Alexander lost in her effort to stick the taxpayers with the White House travel bill, 3-13.

Her protege, Supervisor Patti Logsdon, voted with Alexander. Logsdon is off to a very rocky start to her Courthouse career.

So, Alexander knew of the travel ban, and probably even voted for it, but chose to ignore it this week.

She returned home with the intent to use parliamentary procedures at today’s meeting to avoid having to use funds other than tax dollars for her trip, but failed.

We never even got into whether the trip was necessary.

Supervisors Alexander and Logsdon. Conservatives?


2 thoughts on “Milw. Co. Supervisor Alexander fails in selfish move to have taxpayers pay for her White House trip

  1. Kevin,
    Follow me on this…..

    The amendment to retroactively allow travel was going to be introduced by Supervisor Sylvia Ortiz-Velez who was elected in April but she missed the meeting due to an illness. Now, what strikes me as odd was that a newly elected Supervisor was going to introduce the amendment. One who has been in office for a little over a month? One who probably never requested her trip to DC covered by the taxpayers?
    Deanna was very well versed in the amendment and I can tell you that in my six years I never had another Supervisor have such intricate knowledge of my amendments unless they were a co-sponsor. This tells me one thing, and I will bet you a plate of meatballs at IKEA, that Deanna attempted to have Ortiz-Velez be her stooge in order to get the benefits without getting the blame. You know…let someone else do the dirty work. This way she can still pass the conservative purity test. Because having the taxpayers pay for a White House tour isn’t very conservative in my eyes.
    For the record, Deanna, Patti Logsdon and Dan Sebring all voted for the amendment, voted to lay the item over to the next meeting and voted against lifting the moratorium when they didn’t get their way. Supervisor Tony Staskunas said from day one he would pay for the trip out of his own pocket and voted against all the shenanigans.

    Steve F. Taylor


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