Today’s highly interesting read (05/15/18): Teachers Aren’t Victims

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Last month during a Milwaukee Public Schools board committee meeting Milwaukee Teachers Education Association Vice President Amy Mizialko accused School Board member Michael Bonds of pitting teachers and families against each other.

His response?

“You go to hell.”

Bonds was immediately booed by the audience.

There were calls to “vote him out.”

Bonds rose to his feet and shouted back.

“Based on the (district) test scores, some of y’all need to go.”

MPS is under intense pressure, trying to fix a huge budget deficit. At the same time the above-mentioned Mizialko has told her members they should be willing to take any measures of protest, obviously meaning a strike.

Today’s read is about teachers. No one disputes what an important role they fill. Their job is difficult and challenging to say the least.

When it comes to public relations, however, the profession as a whole has flunked the course.

I don’t know members of any other occupation, you name it, police, firefighter, the military, pilot, nurse, that constantly complains as much about how tough they have it. When they act that way they are not doing themselves any favors

Larry Sand, a retired teacher and president of the California Teachers Empowerment Network writes in a new column:

Some voters may be persuaded by the argument that teachers are picketing for more money “for children,” but they would be better off looking at some basic facts. While teachers in some cases are underpaid and certain school districts underfunded, teachers on the whole, get paid much better than commonly acknowledged.

Sand has plenty of solid data that you can read about here.

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