Week-ends (05/12/18)

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James Harrison

Anaya Ellick

Je’net Kreitner


The media

Adrian Abramovich


Jacqueline Claire Ades


“In the interests of the country, I think it’s time to wrap it up. I would very respectfully encourage the special counsel and his team to bring their work to completion.”
Vice President Mike Pence said Thursday that he believes it’s time for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to finish his investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election. Pence said the Trump administration has ‘fully cooperated’ with Mueller’s probe, including turning over more than 1 million documents.

“He’s dying anyway.”
White House aide responding to Senator John McCain’s opposition to CIA Director Gina Haspel

“May I remind you my husband has a family, 7 children and 5 grandchildren.”
McCain’s wife Cindy

“Since my dad has been diagnosed (with brain cancer), I feel like I understand the meaning of life. It is not how you die, it is how you live.”
Meghan McCain

“It would be very helpful for the public to witness a discussion between Mr. (Rudy) Giuliani and me concerning the facts of the case, etc. I am willing to participate on any network provided both sides are provided a fair shake. I am also willing to do it on 12-hrs notice.”
The attorney for Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti

“I wouldn’t debate that guy if they paid me $10 million. He’s a liar. All he does is put out statements in the press and they fawn all over him. I don’t debate people like him. I’m not going to give him all that time on television. What did he ever run for? What public service did he ever do? I’m going to debate him? This guy is a clown. He wants to do a debate like Billy Jean King and Bobby Riggs?”
Rudy Giuliani

“There is virtually no material poverty in the U.S. Eighty percent of households the Census Bureau labels as poor have air conditioning; nearly three-quarters have a car or truck, and 31 percent have two or more. Two-thirds have cable or satellite TV. Half have at least one computer. Forty-two percent own their homes. What we have in our nation is not material poverty but dependency and poverty of the spirit, with people making unwise choices and leading pathological lives, aided and abetted by the welfare state. Part of this pathological lifestyle is reflected in family structure. According to the 1938 Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences, that year 11 percent of black children and 3 percent of white children were born to unwed mothers. Today it’s respectively 75 percent and 30 percent.

“There are very little guts in the political arena to address the downside of the welfare state. To do so risks a politician’s being labeled as racist, sexist, uncaring and insensitive. That means today’s dependency is likely to become permanent.”
Columnist Walter E. Williams

“I still do not believe that what I said constitutes a disorderly conduct, nor that it was a racial slur. I didn’t say the n-word.”
State Senator Lena Taylor defending her encounter with an African-American bank teller that got her a citation. Taylor said she used a different word that’s similar to “Negro.” She says she often refers to friends as “my kind of Negro.” “I say it at all the time,” and also said she’s a victim of a “political lynching” and will not quit the Legislature.

“(State Senator Lena) Taylor might have simply apologized for an encounter she says happened after having to wait 20 minutes for service (we’ve all been there), and promised to learn and improve in her handling of staff. If she was a contrite defendant, odds are the judge would dismiss the disorderly conduct charge. Most people — even hard hearted reporters — are willing to forgive and forget once an apology is offered.

“Instead, Taylor chose to make a mountain out of a mole hill, to turn two minor situations into a community-wide — if not national — case of racism.”
Bruce Murphy of Urban Milwaukee


Children of the opioid epidemic


How do Democrats deal with this?


Megan Markle and Prince Harry are getting married


Firefighter gets creative with marriage proposal


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