Weren’t we told during the recent campaign that Patti Logsdon and Deanna Alexander were CONSERVATIVES?


The answer is yes, over and over and over and over again. They are both Milwaukee County Supervisors, with Logsdon having knocked off the incumbent Steve Taylor in a race that’s been well-documented on my blog.

On at least one vote that came today I question their conservative credentials.

Please follow along, especially those of you who voted for Logsdon.

Ultra–liberal Milwaukee County Supervisor John Weishan, who has been unmercifully criticized by WISN’s Mark Belling I might add for many years, has introduced a farce of a resolution at the Milwaukee County level.

He wants the following advisory referendum to be placed on the November 6th ballot for MILWAUKEE COUNTY VOTERS  to answer, yes or no:

“Do you favor allowing adults 21 years of age and older to engage in the personal use of marijuana, while also regulating commercial marijuana-related activities and imposing a tax on the sale of marijuana?”

This is so simple. Any conservative with an ounce of common sense could respond in a nano-second.

Not only is the correct conservative answer NO, but the correct conservative answer is that this has no place on the ballot. It’s advisory, and the county has no power to do anything, ANYTHING about it.

I only have the following to base my blog on.

The Milwaukee County Board’s Judiciary Committee held a hearing and voter on Weishan’s dumb-dumb proposal and voted 5-0 to send it on to the full Milwaukee County Board when it meets on May 24 where I predict it will pass.

Well, lo and behold, guess who’s on that Judiciary Committee?

Patti Logsdon and her mentor, Deanna Alexander.

They both voted for this nonsense.

Now, suppose they did so, and I have no idea what their motivation was, just to have the question moved to the ballot in support of democracy so folks could just, you know, have their say.

If that’s the case, that’s really, really, really stupid.

Doesn’t matter if it’s on the ballot come November 6th.

Doesn’t matter if the vote is an overwhelmingly YES.



It creates a FALSE HOPE.




Maybe Logsdon who either forgot or wasn’t told by Alexander that Logsdon was endorsed by U.S. Senate candidate Leah Vukmir, that Vukmir opposed legislation to approve marijuana usage for medicinal purposes as a state legislator, submitting that the entire proposal was to lead the path to full legalization.

Logsdon and Alexander voted with Weishan, who is so far to the left it isn’t funny.

Logsdon, a conservative?

Alexander, a conservative?

How do they spin this one to Jay Weber? (Sorry Jay)

After today’s (Thursday’s) vote Weishan told reporters:

“What this is, is to create the momentum so we get the people in Madison to actually do their job and do something for the citizens of the state of Wisconsin. It’s time that the state of Wisconsin got with the 21st century.”


I worked for 15 years in the state Senate.

Do you honestly think the state Legislature cares one iota what you or the voters in an advisory referendum in Milwaukee County think? Seriously?

How utterly silly, foolish, dumb can you be?

Finally, two thoughts come to mind:

1) I am content I made the right decision in the last election to back Taylor, not Logsdon.

2) Taylor argued during the campaign Logsdon would be Alexander’s “puppet.” It’s early, but score one for Taylor.

FINALLY, earlier this week I asked Steve Taylor to submit a guest blog on this topic. While that’s being worked on Taylor will be a guest on Steve Scaffidi’s program on WTMJ Radio Friday morning at 10:35 to discuss.

UPDATE: Dunn County demonstrates more common sense.



2 thoughts on “Weren’t we told during the recent campaign that Patti Logsdon and Deanna Alexander were CONSERVATIVES?

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