Today’s highly interesting read (05/03/18): Public-Sector Unions Deserve To Be Destroyed

“It’s for the children.”

WTMJ Radio was the first to report this afternoon that Milwaukee Teachers Education Association (union)  Vice President Amy Mizialko in a speech to MPS teachers urged them to do whatever is necessary to secure a fair budget.

“We are asking every educator in every Milwaukee public school to search your conscience and consider how far each of you is willing to go to guarantee a just budget for students and educators,” Mizialko said.

The implication is clear. They should consider the option of going out on strike.

When asked on whether there could possibly be a strike or work action at MPS, Marquette Law School Senior Fellow in Law and Public Policy Alan Borsuk gave WTMJ’s John Mercure a clear “yes.”

“It doesn’t specifically say strike and job action, but it’s certainly the implication. This is definitely an escalation of the tension in an already-very tense and difficult situation,’ said Borsuk.

The union is asking MPS teachers to sign:

“Your signatures are your commitment to take bold action,” said Mizialko.

Today’s read is from outstanding columnist David Harsanyi who wrote the following two months ago when every school in West Virginia was closed because of an illegal teachers’ strike.

Harsanyi writes:

On one hand, we hear that teachers unions are vital to the economy because teachers would make far less in the private sector. In the next breath, we hear them argue that teachers are substantially underpaid compared to what others earn in the private sector. So there’s a simple way to find out how much public-sector employees are worth individually…

Read the entire piece here.

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