Seriously Franklin? War Pigs?

American Association baseball team that will play its home games in the future Ballpark Commons in Franklin beginning in spring of 2019.

The idea is to have a nickname with a farm theme.

A list has been narrowed down to 10. One of them is “War Pigs.”

That one jumped out at me like a backyard mosquito in July.

War Pig?

I went to the Internet immediately.

Image result for war pig

War pigs were really pigs, pigs used during ancient warfare to combat war elephants. Seems war elephants were frightened by the squeals of the much smaller pigs. The war pigs were considered a secret weapon, but that was back in the 1st century, nearly 2,000 years B.F. (Before Franklin).There’s more.

“War Pigs”  was written and recorded by Black Sabbath and released in 1970 and is the first track on the above LP.  It was originally titled ‘Walpurgis’, an anniversary associated with witches and Satanists, but was changed on the recommendation of Black Sabbath’s record company. The lyrics, sung by Ozzy Osbourne take aim at military commanders, comparing them to sorcerers and “witches at black masses.” It also accuses politicians of starting wars but abdicating any responsibility for them.

Ozan Karakoc, War Pigs

“War Pigs” is also a 2015 movie about a military unit of misfits of the same name that must go behind enemy lines to exterminate Nazis.

Can you imagine the mascot possibilities? A hog? A Vietnam War protester?

The Top Ten was selected by Mike Zimmerman’s Roc Ventures staff from about 2,500  entries. It’s now up to fans to vote.

I get the desire to have a farm flavor. But let’s keep in mind that while this is going on the intelligentsia at Franklin City Hall are trying to figure out a new city logo. So far the options total a big whopping one.

2 thoughts on “Seriously Franklin? War Pigs?

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