Today’s highly interesting read (04/23/18): Never Trumpers’ Whining About Principles Was Just An Act

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There are the Never Trumpers. You probably know some. I know I do.

I grant they are strongly committed to their convictions, passionate about their principles.

But what about those principles?

One of my new favorite writers, Kurt Schlichter has just authored a scathing piece ripping those who can’t stomach or even imagine liking this president.

Oh yeah, every election you promised to fight, and after every election all you did was fail. But you had a good gig, as long as the bipartisan elite grift was in effect. When the GOP won, you were the in-crowd, and you raked in donations and media hits with the promise that you would use the power we gave you to make real conservative change.

But that never seemed to happen.

But you still have your principles, your precious principles, and the liberals will let you act out your Never Trump charade on their shows and in their pages because it’s helpful to them to have little Mr. Helper playing Sad Conservative Has-been Against Trump. But they don’t respect you. And they don’t like you. And when they are finished with you, it’s back in the gimp box.


You can read the entire sizzling piece here.

One thought on “Today’s highly interesting read (04/23/18): Never Trumpers’ Whining About Principles Was Just An Act

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