UPDATE: Franklin water: Should Franklin dump Oak Creek and go with Milwaukee?

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The update:

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Those who’ve expressed great concern about Franklin entering into negotiations with the city of Milwaukee to obtain city of Milwaukee water have every right to be worried.

One would have to be extremely foolish and naïve to believe that Franklin would automatically come out the winner in any such agreement.

Milwaukee is assuredly going to use a betting chip that since the cryptosporidium outbreak the city has taken measures that have now made Milwaukee’s water possibly the best, cleanest, most pristine in the country. Because there’s some truth to that it becomes a huge bargaining advantage for Milwaukee.

Some have ridiculously suggested that we have no choice but to talk to Milwaukee because they might offer the “lowest bid.” Are those people for real? No way in hell Milwaukee is going to offer the high-bred suburb of Franklin any break. Not without getting something in  return, and that rightly bothers folks.

But here’s the main point of this blog. History can and does repeat itself. As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported just last October, Waukesha went through hell trying to obtain Milwaukee water:

In a landmark decision, which became unexpectedly more difficult following an 11th bid in July, Waukesha officials have opted to work with Milwaukee instead of Oak Creek to bring Lake Michigan water into the city as part of a plan to reduce radium content to meet a federal standard.

Waukesha must still build the infrastructure that will carry the water back and forth across the metro area. The city has a recently revised 2023 deadline to eliminate the noncompliant radium levels, and officials have said the system should be in place comfortably before that time.

But the decision, city officials say, is nonetheless an important step in an idea that dates back at least 14 years and a plan that has been in the works for nearly a decade.

“So after 14 years of discussion and studies, now we are at the point where we will be reaching another milestone, … the starting of construction and working to get the residents of the city of Waukesha on a long-term sustainable water supply,” said Dan Duchniak, Waukesha Water Utility’s general manager.

Waukesha got major savings dealing with Milwaukee as opposed to Oak Creek, albeit after an eternity of negotiations. Could Franklin? No guarantee. Color me skeptical.

Final note: If you’re also skeptical, good for you. One blogger thinks you have a hatred toward the city of Milwaukee that taints your view, even though you hypocritically visit Milwaukee for all kinds of fun.  That assertion is quite illogical.

This has nothing to do with who attends Bucks or Brewers games or who shops downtown and why. And if they hated Milwaukee, why would they be spending time and money there?

It has everything to do with not wanting to get screwed.

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