Exhibit #583: The city of Franklin is NEVER to blame

From one of the Franklin social media sites with snow plowing the subject:

Dawn Marie I am not gonna complain about the roads, but how far back from the roads do we need to put our mailboxes for them to NOT get pushed over by the plows?? I mean honestly three are down in my eyesight, including ours, and it’s on our grass by the ditch. It’s getting old. Suggestions?

Roberta Pfeiffer Put the post in concrete? I’m not sure what the answer is but it did happen to us once by a city plow. We took pictures, called the DPW the next business day and I believe they paid for a new mailbox.

Dawn Marie Thank you. I believe that it was in concrete, at one point, then it got knocked down. Mind you, we live on Drexel Ave., and there is a 4 foot shoulder, yet it’s still getting knocked over. Our neighbor has theirs surrounded by a garbage can and his also got knocked over. Oh well.

And now, the gem…

Steve Olson It’s because the snow is so heavy. The plows aren’t hitting it, the snow is. Call DPW. 425-8881. There are less durable boxes and posts than others. The molded plastic don’t hold up at all.

For non-Franklin readers Steve Olson is Franklin’s mayor.

TRANSLATION: The city of Franklin can do no wrong. The city never makes a mistake. City government in Franklin is perfect. Ergo, no apology.

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