Today’s highly interesting read (04/11/18): The Need For Secure Borders

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Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducey speaks to Arizona National Guard soldiers prior to deployment to the Mexico border at the Papago Park Military Reservation in Phoenix, April 9, 2018. AP Photo

This week WI Governor Scott Walker wrote a letter to WI Congressman Mark Pocan that read in part:

Dear Congressman Pocan,

Let me be clear: the southern border of the United States of America is not secure. One of the most fundamental responsibilities of our federal government is to protect our borders and shores. Sadly, through several administrations, the federal government has failed in this fundamental responsibility.

As Governor, I want to ensure the safety of all of our citizens, and I want to reduce access to illegal drugs as part of a comprehensive strategy in dealing with opioid and illegal drug addiction. Therefore, I welcome President Donald Trump’s aggressive actions to secure our nation’s southern border.

Today’s read is from former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke:

There are three major reasons America needs to protect and secure its borders: security, health, and American jobs.

Read Clarke’s column here.

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