Today’s highly interesting read (04/10/18): Lawmakers miss the grade on school bidding

Last week voters approved 55 of 66 school district referenda in the 2018 spring election, hiking taxes by over $563 million statewide.

What follows is probably not the sexiest blog I’ve ever posted, but it’s extremely important.

Despite the tremendous progress the Governor and GOP-controlled state Legislature has made economically,  local municipalities have been able to work around those gains with help from a voting public all too willing to fall for the talking points. They strut into the voting booth and vote themselves a whopping tax increase.

From today’s read that I bet 99.99% of Wisconsinites have no idea about:

Many states throughout country do require school districts to let out contracts to low bidders.

Not Wisconsin.

Because of a somewhat convoluted series of court decisions, Wisconsin schools have been excluded from the sorts of low-bid requirements that have otherwise been extended over time to almost every other type of governmental entity in this state. The result? Taxpayers who now take comfort in knowing that competitive bidding will help hold down construction costs for everything from the massive Zoo Interchange project to an addition to the local police station aren’t getting the same assurance when it comes to schools.

The news media isn’t talking about it, so that’s why you need to know more about this.

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