All that “Blue Wave” talk? It’s serious

An e-mail from Gov. Walker that hopefully you’ll think about and consider:

Last (Tuesday) night, the Wisconsin conservative movement – a model for the nation – was dealt a serious blow.

We lost a critical Wisconsin Supreme Court race, putting one more liberal activist on the court ready to roll back our reforms.

Worse yet, the results show something very troubling – we are at risk of a Blue Wave in Wisconsin.

Between last night’s defeat and the stunning special election loss earlier this year in a conservative district, I worry that the anger of the Left could sweep us out of office in November and undo all of our reforms.

If conservatives don’t take action right now, all that we have worked for may be in peril.

Please pitch in now to ensure the Far-Left Special Interests can’t undo what we have worked so hard to accomplish over the years.

We have taken on the Unions. We have balanced our budgets. We have cut taxes – and we have done it all with your help.

But I can’t ignore the signs any longer. After these two defeats, it is clear that our big bold reforms are in jeopardy.

We know that our race is being targeted by Big Government Union Bosses and Special Interests like Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder. And what we are seeing in Wisconsin is the anger of the Far Left like never before.

Now that anger and energy are translating into victories for liberals.

Please support our Friends of Scott Walker campaign today so we can fight back and keep Wisconsin moving forward.

Contribute $25 now.

Contribute $50 now.

Contribute $100 now.

Contribute $250 now.

Contribute another amount now.

We cannot allow (Tuesday) night’s defeat – which the Far Left and the Liberal Media will try to sell as a bellwether for November’s election – to distract us from our goal of delivering real results and moving Wisconsin forward.

Let’s show the liberals and extreme special interests that are willing to spend millions to defeat us that we are prepared to stand up and fight back.

They are coming for us next, but with your help, I know we can fight back and stop a Blue Wave in November.

Scott Walker


Paid for by Friends of Scott Walker

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