Final thoughts on Tuesday elections, including Taylor/Logsdon

UPDATE: My latest. And here.

UPDATE 4/4/18: We wish Patti Logsdon well in her new role. More later today.

UPDATE: The social media site Franklin Political Debate Page has blocked us from posting. Apparently a site that solicits for debate strangely doesn’t want debate.

The administrators don’t understand that discourse, even edgy, is healthy. They claim I name-called. Not sure when that happened, but even so, it’s not like I haven’t been attacked on that site. And no, there was no warning to cease and desist. One day, poof, gone. Must give them a great sense of power and authority.

You can always check out my own site here.

UPDATE: Supervisor Deanna Alexander has spent more than a little time campaigning for Patti Logsdon against Steve Taylor. At the same time Alexander moans about her very own campaign.

On her Facebook page Alexander says this about her opponent:

“She received MORE THAN TEN TIMES the dollar amount I did from out of state contributions. The two people that gave me money from out of state used to live in Milwaukee. The people that contributed to her from out of state are nearly all listed as political activists or unemployed.

“I received no funding from political (PAC) organizations in this period. She received 35% of her funding from political organizations.”

Alexander supports Logsdon who, thanks to Chris Abele, is outspending Steve Taylor 10-1 through various groups like LeadershipMKE that is running smear ads.  That’s okay. But when the spending shoe is on the other foot, Alexander plays the victim card.

Alexander as I’ve pointed out on my blog is running against a radical, flawed candidate. I do not support Alexander’s opponent. But Alexander’s whining on her own site is hypocritical.
—end of UPDATE

I get that most people’s minds are made up about what they’ll do at the polls Tuesday. Still I’ll chime in with some observations and possibly a few last minute items folks may not have thought about.


No you don’t have to vote for a “jerk” but as Mark Belling suggested that shouldn’t dissuade people from voting for such an individual if that’s their perception. A la the 2016 presidential race, I wasn’t voting for a Pope.

Despite my many years’ worth of criticism of Steve Taylor this race is extremely troubling to me. You have an elected official with very deep pockets, County Executive Chris Abele using his personal wealth to in this incident attack and smear someone whose past, no matter what you may think of it, has nothing to do with his County Board record.

I have nothing against Patti Logsdon. From what I learned about her when I endorsed her against Taylor two years ago is that she’s a fine person. A legitimate question is:  Would she make a good supervisor?

When I endorsed her in 2016 I would have categorically said yes. If she now were to win I’d wish her well but would always have doubts about her independence given Abele spent so much on her behalf. Supervisor Deanna Alexander has been, as one of my readers pointed out, a volunteer assassin for Logsdon. Can’t she stand up and speak for herself?

The performance she put on in an amateurish campaign video posted on social media was embarrassing.  Imperfectly staged and phony, the production would have been better executed by a group of elementary students.

Logsdon’s website is a few brief paragraphs of glittering generalities with ZERO specifics while she hides behind attack dog Alexander, not to mention Abele’s personal smear account.

Me? That’s not me. That’s Abele. I have nothing to do with it…wink wink.

Cop-out. Not my money. But we’ll be glad to sit back and watch the slime work to our advantage.

Actually, the proper move would have been to be honest and forthright with voters, explain that the Abele money was indeed, just that, his money, and that she did not approve of how the money was spent on smear ads. We never heard such a peep from Lawson or Alexander or whoever’s running that ship, I honestly don’t know.

The time of Alexander’s recent blitz on Taylor (he yelled at her) is noteworthy. Apparently Taylor’s been a problem for some time, but Alexander waited until a week before the election to finally speak out. And c’mon, the whole comparison to the Me Too Movement is baseless and absurd.

So I’ve been accused of selling out and I had something promised me to write what I’ve written, yada, yada, yada. That’s all such ignorant nonsense. I have always written based on what I know, and my principles and beliefs.

Here’s a deal maker/breaker for me, and it’s simple, and to quote our president, huge.

Ballpark Commons.

Taylor is 100% for. Logsdon is against.  Logsdon told me two years ago as well as recently in an e-mail that she has an open mind about the development. She has no such thing.

Add that to this point, and it’s important, that this is a county supervisor race where Taylor has voted time and time again correctly, and I’d take that into consideration, if I lived in Taylor’s district, I would vote for Taylor Tuesday.

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This is also a MAJOR issue with me. The big lie in the Logsdon/Alexander campaign.

Deanna went lobbying for positive broadcast time. Fail.

Franklin School Board candidates? I’m not voting for any of them.

Vote for SCRENOCK for state Supreme Court Justice.

Vote YES on the constitutional referendum to get rid of the state Treasurer’s position.



2 thoughts on “Final thoughts on Tuesday elections, including Taylor/Logsdon

  1. Mark Belling described Logsdon as the gold standard for a county board supervisor, and she’s the most conservative candidate. I have major concerns about the accusations from more than one county board member that Taylor is abusive to his colleagues. While I’ll take a rough around the edges person if it’s my only choice, Logsdon appears to be a qualified conservative candidate and an improvement over Taylor for the county board.

    Taylor seems to be a good campaigner, I have supported him in the past, But today I’d like to elect the best candidate and the best person for the job, and that is Patti Logsdon.


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