An issue not getting much attention in the Taylor/Logsdon race

Regular readers know that I’ve been a staunch supporter of the proposed Ballpark Commons development in Franklin.

One of the final major hurdles for details pertaining to the project was approval by the Milwaukee County Board last fall. In this review from 2017 you’ll find that Supervisor Steve Taylor was quite vocal in his support on the County Board floor last September when the issue was up for a vote.

We definitely know where Steve Taylor stands.

Two years ago I endorsed Patti Logsdon in her race against Taylor. At that time we did talk about the project and she was not all that thrilled about it.

A few weeks ago on March 15 in an e-mail to Logsdon I asked about her position.

When we had our lengthy discussion the last time you ran you said you’d have an open mind. I’ve heard that you are vehemently opposed. To be fair I’ve not written anything about this issue as it pertains to the race but I might. So, did you oppose the project while it was being deliberated? Did you voice opposition in any discussions or meetings with neighbors who are opposed? Now that’s it been approved what are your feelings about the project?

Logsdon responded.

Kevin,  I have an open mind about the project, which, as you note, is already approved.  Any opposition you heard that I held for the project is directly related to the dissatisfaction that the residents living near to it have shared: they feel like elected officials are not listening to them and their quality of life is affected in the end.  It is easy to support economic development, but a division has been caused in our community that I think could have been largely avoided if those closest to the project had earnestly worked to appease many of the concerns raised by the citizens. Instead, they feel run over and I have compassion for that.  I have spoken up, specifically at Steve Taylor’s town hall meeting.  I respectfully asked a question about why other options proposed by John Weishan in a county board meeting were not considered, and Taylor’s response was to attack me publicly, saying that I was being a liberal and was against the project. I didn’t attack the project, I asked a question; and Steve Taylor doesn’t know the difference.

I wrote back.

Thank you, but you didn’t answer my questions.

On March 22 I offered Logsdon another opportunity to respond and have not heard from her.

This is a big deal to me and a lot of other folks.

IF I lived in that district and could vote on Tuesday, I would definitely take this matter into consideration.

3 thoughts on “An issue not getting much attention in the Taylor/Logsdon race

  1. I live and vote in the district. My family will support the most conservative candidate on the ballot, Logsdon. I am changing my vote away from Taylor based on recent coverage of the race. Have a happy Easter.


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