Deanna Alexander goes up for a slam dunk on Steve Taylor on the Mark Belling program

Didn’t get it.

Today Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander, the chief hit person for Patti Logsdon’s campaign against Steve Taylor went beyond mudslinging in a lengthy personal attack piece on her own website.

In the piece that is available on a Franklin social media website and on Alexander’s own site Alexander alleges Taylor screamed at her when the two were heading into a private meeting downtown, castigated her in the elevator up to the meeting, and continued to embarrass her at the meeting.

Was the behavior proper, correct? If it happened the way she said, of course not.

As a professional writer my entire professional career I couldn’t help but notice how Alexander could recollect in 2018 actual direct quotes where she used direct quotation marks about this incident dating back to 2014.

Let’s be real. An elected official blasting another colleague, in public and/or at a private meeting?

This wouldn’t have been the first time that’s happened. Not exactly breaking news, especially 3-4 years later.

If Alexander thought she would get a ton of traction when Mark Belling brought the issue up on his show today she was sorely disappointed.

The entire show podcast is no longer available but here’s an excerpt:

I find likeability to be about at the bottom of what I care about in a politician.

I would much rather vote for a jerk I agree with than the nicest person in the world I disagree with.

So if Steve can be a jerk or if he rubs some people the wrong way, that in my mind is not a reason to vote against him.

First of all there’s two sides to every story.  So he yelled at her and he was acting like a jackass.

Deanna’s putting all this stuff that Steve’s a dink and maybe he is.

My reaction to all that is so what. So he’s a dink.

Is he a good county board member which is a better question and the thing that voters down there need to react to.

Belling went on to say that Logsdon might be the better choice, but he didn’t come close to dismissing Taylor.

6 thoughts on “Deanna Alexander goes up for a slam dunk on Steve Taylor on the Mark Belling program

  1. In the show yesterday Belling complimented Deanna Alexander as being a very effective conservative member of the county board. I was impressed by his favorable description of her.

    Mark handled the story well and tried to be fair to both candidates, thus the defense of Taylor as you’ve noted above, but he ultimately described Logsdon as the gold standard for a county board representative, and that’s another very favorable compliment.

    Here we have two strong candidates and one is apparently a jerk. I don’t have to vote for the jerk because the other candidate is apparently not a jerk, conservative and well-respected.

    As far as being able to remember abusive treatment from several years back, yes of course people remember. Especially if the behavior and style are repetitive. I cannot tolerate an abusive, difficult county board member if there’s a suitable replacement available, and it seems that Logsdon is an appropriate replacement.

    Taylor’s criticism of Logsdon is that she is inexperienced. Do you feel that is true? Belling’s description of Logsdon did not note any flaws in her candidacy.

    Here is a link to Deanna Alexander’s blog article describing her interactions with Taylor:
    I found this information and Mark’s segment extremely helpful in sorting out who I will support.

    Thanks for covering the local election. It’s good to discuss the candidates beyond the mailbox leaflets.


    • Karen, thanks for reading and weighing in. Sorry I didn’t respond sooner.

      You covered a lot of ground that I want to react to.

      No you don’t have to vote for a “jerk” but as Mark Belling suggested that shouldn’t dissuade people from voting for such and individual if that’s their perception. A la the 2016 presidential race, I wasn’t voting for a Pope.

      Despite my many years’ worth of criticism of Steve Taylor this race is extremely troubling to me. You have an elected official with very deep pockets using his personal wealth to in this incident attack and smear someone whose past has nothing to do with his County Board record.

      I have nothing against Patti Logsdon. She’s a fine person. You ask if she’s inexperienced. I don’t believe she’s held any office but has been active in politics for a long time. Would she make a good supervisor? Two years ago when I endorsed her I would have categorically said yes. If she now were to win I’d always have doubts about her independence given Abele spent so much on her behalf.

      She’s gone into hibernation, hiding behind her personal attack dog Deanna Alexander. The timing of her assault this week on Taylor is noteworthy. Apparently Taylor’s been a problem for some time, but Alexander waited until now to finally speak out. And c’mon, the whole comparison to the Me Too Movement is baseless and absurd.

      Abele’s campaign against several supervisors refused to answer questions from FOX 6. What are they hiding? Check this out:

      Finally, another talk show host, former Oak Creek mayor Steve Scaffidi has endorsed Taylor.

      Again, thanks for reading.


      • LOL, I don’t think that any other talk show host in Milwaukee matches Belling for analysis of the issues and candidates. His compliments of Deanna Alexander and Patti Logsdon as conservatives was an important factor for my choices. I will be very curious to see the results and what happens in this race.
        I think Taylor is likely the better campaigner, but I cannot support him this time around, and likely not ever again.


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  3. Steve Taylor is his own worst enemy. He has ability as a politician and is smart. He is driven which is a good thing if directed to the common good. Steve is also arrogant and pompous which has the ability to serve a politician well if properly employed. His downfall is his narcissism. Steve will attack anyone who differs with his opinions and will be less than ethical when he wants something. To his credit, he reads the political winds and follows the temperature of his constituents. He is polarizing in that you either like him or can’t stand him. Humility would serve him well. I have many reasons not to vote for him, but none good enough to ignore what he could do if he would grow up and act like an adult.


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