How does Steve Taylor respond to being outspent 10-1?

In the Steve Taylor/Patti Logsdon Milwaukee County supervisory contest I have this reminder. This blogger doesn’t have a dog in the hunt. I don’t live in the district, thus I can’t vote in this race. As of now I don’t plan on endorsing anyone, because after all, would that matter? Maybe. Maybe not.

It’s interesting that some think I have my ticket punched to Steve Taylor’s party on election night. That’s hysterical. Can you imagine? What the hell is he doing here?!

Look, all I’m doing here is writing my observations based on what I know (I’ve been doing that on my blog since 2007) and I’m also hoping for a fair election. That’s not happening since County Executive Chris Abele’s massive bankroll has dramatically dirtied this election’s waters.

There’s nothing wrong with what Abele is doing, spending a personal fortune on Logsdon’s campaign ads against Taylor. Nothing illegal about it.

But when Taylor says it’s a smear campaign, he’s right.

Logsdon has gone into hibernation on the issue. Her surrogate, County Supervisor Deanna Alexander who finds Taylor a bully conveniently argues Logsdon has nothing to do with the smear ads against Taylor because they’re from a third party, not from Logsdon.

Fine if you want to play that Dodgeball game. I challenged Logsdon and Alexander to denounce those ads. The result?

Cue the crickets.

Guess you can’t bite the hand that financially feeds you. I expected better from Logsdon.

I’ve been a round more than a few campaigns. Wanna beat Steve Taylor? This over the top negative crap ain’t a winner.

In a previous blog I offered advice to both Logsdon and Taylor. Here was my advice to the incumbent:

Look, if I were you, I would love to lash out at the Logsdon negativity. God knows I’ve been lied about repeatedly on the Internet.

But throw people a curveball.

Take the high road.

Don’t get into a back and forth with any previous history tossed your way.

Focus on the positives you have done and unlike Logsdon so far… be specific. Ballpark Commons is already a major talking point for you.

You just might be being baited. Don’t take the bait.

Let’s see how Taylor responded. His first mailer has gone out:

Image may contain: text

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text

Abele tried to buy a race for David Clarke’s opponent in the past. Didn’t work.

Taylor has a point. If Logsdon wins she’s beholden to Abele. And that’s not good.

3 thoughts on “How does Steve Taylor respond to being outspent 10-1?

  1. At first when I received mailers from Logsdon, I thought she was a liberal, but no, no, she’s not. And Belling described her today as “the gold standard” candidate for the county board. Taylor’s misbehavior is unappealing and wrong and I’ll be happy to help put Logsdon in that seat.


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