On guns, the Journal Sentinel’s bias is clear

The main story on today’s big edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has  this headline:

Some gun owners favor more limits on guns

Oh, I bet they do. But I’m sure a helluva lot more would not.

Note the word “some” in the headline. That changed in the body of the article to “many.”

Many people passionate about guns could identify at least one or two new regulations they support.

He may be left-of-center for a gun owner, but his views aren’t wildly different from many Republican-leaning hunters and gun owners interviewed for this story.

Reading the article I found a grand total of four who were actually quoted.

Reporter Craig Gilbert was obviously dispatched to various locations with a specific assignment and template: Find gun owners who have no problem with gun restrictions, and come back with a story.

Today’s edition of the paper that editors claim is not a liberal publication also contains mega coverage of the March for Our Lives and editorials favoring gun control and the march.

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