Today’s highly interesting read (03/23/18): Give Me Your Dreamers

Authors Night 2017 At The East Hampton Library

I haven’t posted about Anne Coulter in awhile. She normally is staunchly in the president’s corner, but not so in her latest column about The Dreamers. Coulter simply wants to know, where are they?

So why aren’t we being bombarded with television interviews and profiles of these amazing human beings?

Liberals can’t make an argument without producing a victim. Attack the media — they bleat about journalists getting shot in the face while reporting abroad. Complain about FBI corruption — they choke up over G-men putting their lives on the line EVERY DAY! Denounce the Deep State — they moan that CIA officers have been killed in the line of duty.

Isn’t this the moment for our hearts to be breaking over the millions of wonderful “Dreamers” who will suffer unless we amnesty them immediately?

Let’s see ’em! Surely they’ve got a few Einsteins!

Read her entire column here.

2 thoughts on “Today’s highly interesting read (03/23/18): Give Me Your Dreamers

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