UPDATE: Steve Taylor/Patti Logsdon race heating up, and getting nasty

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Note Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander made two posts in the comments section.

The update: Supervisor Steve Taylor e-mailed me a response to the Alexander comments.


I wanted to address some of what Deanna Alexander alleges, asserts, and accuses.  Let’s first address my style. You and I have had our differences but they have never been personal.  Am I aggressive, hell yes, I am. Do I waste time on the minutia that many of my colleagues get wrapped up in, hell no.  At the end of the day it is about getting things done.  We are not in kindergarten where everyone must be nice and get along with each other.  Let the record show that I accomplished what I set out to do. Fix the roads (North Cape, St. Martins, Old Ryan, 13th, 68th and 76th) and infrastructure (Hales Corners Pool, Boerner Botanical Gardens) in my district.

When Tommy Thompson walked with me in the 2012 4th of July parade he asked me why I ran for office and before I could respond he told me it was to get things done and not just hold a position.

I get along with most of my colleagues and have twice been chosen as 2nd vice chair unlike Deanna who only has one-member willing to even listen to her (Sebring). I stopped when she used her state position politically to help my opponent.  Ask Deanna what she has accomplished and you will find out that she has done nothing for her district.  Oh, she will tell you that she is an independent voice, a maverick and other generalities but, she has no accomplishments to run on.  Her ideas go nowhere as she has near zero support.  Not very effective for her constituents don’t you agree?  My predecessor (Cesarz) was just like her and he didn’t enter the race when he found out I did.  People want results and not just rhetoric.

I have been endorsed by former Mayor’s Steve Scaffidi, Tom Taylor, Fred Klimetz and retiring Village President Robert Ruesch which combined is equivalent to over 80 years of public service.   Deanna throws out career politician…. Wow.  Don’t hear her complaining about Walker (26) or Ryan (20) so that is a not an issue but hey let’s throw it out there.

Let’s talk about Ballpark Commons.  The answer she gave you is different than the ones she gave Mayor Olson, Supervisor Staskunas and myself.  It says a lot that the entire Franklin Common Council, Mayor and Supervisor of District support BPC yet Deanna sides with liberal John Weishan.  Therefore, it isn’t surprising that Patti has been very vocal in opposition of the project (even though it is approved) and ginning up to those who dislike it.

But here is the real reason Deanna and I don’t see eye to eye.  It is because you are not sure which Deanna you are getting. The one who tries to be nice only because she wants you to support one of her half-baked ideas that is only meant to get her in the spotlight. Or the one who is only concerned on keeping the last moments of her 15 minutes of fame alive before they flicker out. Wait….it is the same person.  The one who believes that she is the next Darling or Vukmir.

You see, I didn’t care for her from the moment we met.  It was at the GOP Reagan Day Dinner in February of 2012.  She introduced herself as a candidate for the Board and told me that she also went to the annual Democratic Event.  Why???  She didn’t know what she was??  No, she needed to get elected so why not play the independent card and court both sides.  That was until she got her first taste of talk radio and then the Sykes show (where she always added nothing).  That is when she went from the “I’m an independent, maverick, fiscal conservative,” blah blah blah to a tea party extremist.  She morphed right in front of my eyes in less than 6 months.  I have zero respect for those types of elected officials. Deanna Alexander ranks at the top of worst I have ever known or served with.

Steve F. Taylor

Milwaukee County Board, 2nd Vice Chairman

Milwaukee County Supervisor, 9th District

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