Culinary no-no #558

Culinary no-no began on Father’s Day 2007, a beautiful summer day, when I wrote about grilling brats. And eating brats. And topping those brats. I was inspired by my wife, Jennifer who, in my admittedly unscientific opinion, ruins brats by squirting ketchup on them. Other dining taboos quickly came to mind. The original idea was to take this concept only a few months, till the end of summer and then pull the plug. Then the unexpected happened. People started reading Culinary no-no. Lots of folks. So we keep doing the no-no.

Guys looking to meet gals. They naturally resort to  pick up lines. Recommended methods:

  1. Have a line ready. Start by knowing the first thing you’re going to say to the girl you have your eye on before you say it.
  2. Build the conversation.
  3. Use humor.
  4. Keep compliments subtle.
  5. Show your spine.
  6. Ask for her number.
  7. Prepare for a first date.

Sometimes it works.

But not always.

Think of pick up places and the usual suspects come to mind: bars, cocktail lounges, night clubs.

In my courting days I recall taking many a date to such spots but never ultimately dating anyone I first met at those establishments.

Where did I ask females out?

During my college days, one of many part-time jobs was an usher at the old  Performing Arts Center where I was surrounded by nice, young, pretty girls. I also worked at an elementary school and dated a teacher just a few years my senior for awhile. Even my church offered a successful dating opportunity.

In the past on my blogs I’ve referred to one of pop culture’s great philosophers: Arthur “The Fonz” Fonzarelli.

The Happy Days episode, “A Date with Fonzie” broadcast on November 11, 1975, had Richie breaking up with his long time girlfriend, who subsequently gets mired in a dating rut. He naturally asks Fonzie for help who decides to take Richie to a place he claims Richie can meet and pick up girls.

Richie is in disbelief that Fonzie recommends the supermarket. Fonzie shops?

“No.” Little elves bring groceries to his door Fonzie replies.

Image result for happy days, fonzie, grocery shopping

The two head out to a supermarket where Richie learns part of Fonzie’s strategy when he sees a pretty girl is to push his cart in to her cart that opens the door for a date-inducing conversation.

A nervous Richie  gives it a try, but blindly rams his cart…into Fonzie’s.

The website Ask Men says there are specific locations ideal for meeting women besides bars: the gym, a music festival, art museum parties, the laundromat, volunteering , the shoe store, the bookstore, if you’re stuck in a line, and yes, Fonzie may have been onto something, a grocery store.

From Ask Men:

The grocery store is an exceptionally accessible place to pick up women, because there are so many things you can ask her about. “Have you tried these chocolate-coated gummy bears?” Or, “Do you know which aisle the pickles are in?” Not to mention, different supermarkets attract different types of women. There are the monster chains, the budget chains, the natural/organic indie stores or the monolith natural grocery chains. Know who you’re looking to attract, and then home in on them. Says dating expert and How About We master of ceremonies, Scott Alden, “Women who shop at Whole Foods are either a) successful enough to afford it or b) ambitious enough to pretend they are. Knowing enough about cheese/beer/cured meats to give a yoga-panted woman a few tips might just get you digits.”

Some reactions online to this revelation:

This goes back to the 70’s. Lots of singles esp women travel those grocery isles or the produce and always look for that guy who is getting the “healthy” food (Produce or even Chicken from meat section) or the “single guys” food like Stouffer’s. Its almost like a mating call. Good luck finding those ladies in the frozen aisles though, Those women know thats the no~no aisle and the one thing in a mans mind is as Neil Diamond says. “Turn on your Heartlight!!!” and I don’t men us guys brain on our shoulders thinking..

You always meet the person of your dreams while doing something average and boring (shopping, waking the dog, etc.)

People who try to pick a wife/husband from the bar or from a “designated social hangout” are doing it wrong.

never happened to me,the moment some guy tries to ask me if the pork loin i chose taste good i usually tell them they are for my pet anaconda at home who likes them raw and bloodied



That’s just sad


The grocery store phenomenon (albeit not all that new) just got major coverage by the Wall Street Journal:

When Bob Schneider goes out on a Friday night, he no longer heads to the local singles bar. Instead, he goes to the grocery store.

“I once dated a woman from the potato section at Mariano’s,” says Mr. Schneider, a 67-year-old semiretired, twice-divorced lobbyist in Oak Brook, Ill. “The next thing you know we’re at the wine bar and then we’re dating.”

Supermarkets—those havens of the not-so-scintillating chore of scouring numbered aisles, pushing carts and perusing produce—are finding a new identity as a social hub in communities. Parents now bring their children here to play, retirees gather for Bingo, and singles find romance.

Grocery stores are fulfilling the new role as traditional gathering spots, from shopping malls to social clubs like Lions Clubs and Rotary International, continue to shrink from decades-earlier peaks.

Stores have taken out aisles to provide more space for community mingling complete with couches, fireplaces, and restaurant-like services.

One married couple interviewed by the Wall Street Journal that met at a Norfolk, Virginia grocery talked about dancing in the aisle to music over the store’s loudspeaker.

I’m not sure how this trend is going over with millennials. Everyone the newspaper spoke with was middle-aged and older.

Customers who just want to get in and get out are irritated when they can’t get around the clusters gathered at a wine-tasting.

Retail experts told the newspaper they’re not sold on the approach to make stores appealing to people longing and searching for romance. That’s because if people are simply to hang out, how does that translate into sustainable revenue?

As far my list of the most serious no-no segments I’ve ever done, this one is definitely nowhere the top.

And if a supermarket can somehow provide true love,  who’s to find fault?

Maybe I’m just not cool enough (like the Fonz) or I’m not in need of a meet/meat market. Even if I was, this isn’t my cup of tea.


Chinese takeout has so much salt it should carry a ‘health warning,’ UK advocacy group says








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