Organized truancy

On Wednesday in schools all across America including many right here, the inmates will be running the asylum. The adults supposedly in charge will cave and turn leadership and control totally over to misguided youth.

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The whole concept is ridiculous. It’s a way to skip school and most, not all, again, supposedly responsible adult administrators, teachers, and parents are simply going along with it.

Your obscene school property tax dollars at work, folks.

The teachers union lectures us that every kid deserves a great education. Apparently the exception is when a political point using kids as pawns is to be made.

Bravo to the very few schools and school districts that have taken a tough position (as opposed to the wussy crowd espousing “We stand with our students”) that will not allow a walkout.

The ones that say they require a parental permission slip for kids to walkout? Shame on them, too. That’s a lily livered, no backbone response.

Make no mistake these “protests” will be disruptive. All we have to do is point to, not surprisingly, the People’s Republic of Madison.

Area high school students have a planned walk up East Washington Avenue Wednesday to end at the State Capitol.  They have a street use permit from 12 to 5 that day.  Area high schoolers plan to meet at East High School and travel from there.

So much for that whole “it’s only 17 minutes out of class” deal.

Lost in all of this fanfare about a new wave of justice warriors, albeit many of them participants in the Tide Pod Challenge, is the undeniable fact these kids are engaging in political activity.

Political activism has no part, ever, ever, in any public school district in America. That will be on public display ad nauseum Wednesday, and if you don’t think it’s political, just listen to the charged rhetoric by the know it all 16-year olds Wednesday.

And also observe how the mainstream media will fawn all over these walkout kids. They are already being anointed heroes, patriots. Spare me.

Some kids plan to counter protest. They want to speak in support of the 2nd Amendment. They better not be reprimanded.

And if they decide to hold their own rally, good for them. Look. If school districts will allow the kids to take over and walk out for one side, then you better believe I support kids who want to express a different  view.

Ideally,  no walkouts should be allowed.

OK, little snowflake. Wanna blow off some steam, get out of class, and Mommy and Daddy say go for it?

Go for it!

Before or after school.

Not DURING school time.

If you can’t comprehend, God help us.


Kudos to these folks quoted in the Journal Sentinel:

Nik Clark, president/CEO of Wisconsin Carries, said students’ energies should be directed toward discussions on arming teachers instead of staging walkouts. Clark heads a group that promotes open carry and concealed carry of weapons.

“A teacher under fire has a choice of fight or die,” Clark said. “Faced with that choice, who would not want a gun?”

By posting signs that teachers are armed, and allowing an undisclosed number of school officials to be armed, would strongly deter gunmen, Clark suggests.

“Students who walk out of class don’t solve anything,” said Joetta Barta, owner of the Nice Ash Cigar Bar in downtown Waukesha. “They should do 17 nice things, make 17 new friends, have lunch with someone who is sitting alone.

“Walking out of class? What’s that doing? To me, how is that not skipping class?”

Barta said she is not a social activist, but questions whether the walkout could backfire by opening doors to a bevy of walkouts linked to other issues, such as abortion.

Barta and her late husband, Jeff, put three children through Waukesha schools.

Kim Michalowski, U.S. Army-retired, agreed with Barta that leaving class is not a good idea. Michalowski volunteers at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Veteran Resource Center. 

“Too many will do it just to get out of class,” he said. “Instead, make a friend and don’t make people feel they’re outcasts.”

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