OK, an MLK Day…what else you gonna do, Franklin?

The Franklin Public Schools district has decided to honor MLK Day beginning next year. And that’s fine. Except they’re not doing it for the right reason.

Superintendent Judith Mueller reportedly said this week that the district decided to honor MLK Day before two highly publicized racial incidents occurred at Franklin schools.

I suspect the number of Franklin students, faculty and administrators who will use their free day next year to actually commemorate the life and accomplishments of MLK will be the same as the folks who volunteered to shovel my driveway this week.

I wholeheartedly concur with Mueller when she says “This is not who we are and not who we will be.” Absolutely true. While disgusting and unacceptable, the incidents were blown out of proportion because of a small handful of idiots. The bad actors do not represent Franklin at all, period.

But the MLK decision will not appease critics.  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports
“Fred Royal, president of the Milwaukee branch of the NAACP, called it ‘a good first step’.”

In other words, nowhere good enough.

Despite all indications that Franklin handled these incidents appropriately,  watch as calls are made for sensitivity training, inclusive activities and programs, diverse this, diverse that.

All of which may sound good to many, but are more time-consuming distractions from the main purpose of educators.

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