My Most Popular Blogs (03/05/18)

Here are my most popular blogs from last week, Sunday – Saturday:

1) Franklin resident, you say you didn’t like the way snow was plowed? That’s your fault

2) Our mayor was NOT on the air today with their former mayor

3) Today’s highly interesting read (02/26/18): Social media activism lets our Democracy die with a “Like”

4) Best Cartoons of the Week (03/03/18)

5) Goodnight everyone, and don’t get dissed this weekend

6) Roundup: Latest news on Ballpark Commons

7) So, when did Franklin mayor Steve Olson go liberal?

8) Friday Night Forgotten Oldie: It was 50 years ago…

9) Beautiful

10) The Barking Lot – America’s Finest Dog Blog (03/03/18)

And THIS didn’t make the top ten, but is worth a look.









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