UPDATE: Franklin resident, you say you didn’t like the way snow was plowed? That’s your fault


My previous blog shed some light on how the Franklin Common Council responded oh so weakly and ineffectively to dozens of complaints about snow removal this winter.

I have an update based on listening not once, but twice to the February 19th Common Council meeting that any private citizen can access to hear exactly how this issue was, or wasn’t addressed. I recommend you do so rather than blasting any messenger.

One of the first comments made during this discussion was quite revealing. The concern was a selfish one. The council made sure that the record showed that the home areas of the aldermen were NOT the first to be served.

Priority # 1 at the meeting was plainly obvious: Cover our own behinds.

Next, my friend whom no one publicly has supported more than me, Mayor Steve Olson mentioned that if there’s 2 inches or less, why would we get a plow out?

Oh, gee, I don’t know. Maybe because roads need to be safe for drivers and pedestrians… that minor detail. And also because that’s why we pay the exorbitant taxes we do and expect certain service in the winter time.

Another item that came up. Why aren’t we like other communities when it comes to plowing and salting?

Oh, the bureaucrats came prepared. With CHARTS!

The charts showed use of salt by 19 communities in Milwaukee County. Franklin, a bureaucrat argued, has the 3rd most miles in the county to attend to.  And yet, we were lectured, Franklin uses a lot less salt than anyone else (17th out of 19).

Mayor Olson then served up a big, fat, whopping softball right over the plate to the bureaucrat, asking why is that so?

Too expensive was the response that you’d swear was rehearsed. Oh boy, this Franklin resident is reaping the gargantuan savings.

The same bureaucrat noted that Oak Creek tops the list in salting, as if that would somehow exonerate Franklin.

My goodness. Could it be that Oak Creek NEEDS to drop salt so people can get to their businesses safely, and employees have to work at, businesses that outnumber Franklin a gazillion to one?


Why doesn’t Franklin drop as much salt?

A DPW bureaucrat said, and it’s on the record so before you bash the messenger go listen for yourself… all that salt is not healthy for aquatic life.

Apparently human taxpayers be damned.

What was stunning during the depressingly brief discussion was there was no acknowledgment of any, any wrongdoing by the mayor or any alderman. There was no mea culpa or apology. There was no suggestion that Franklin would LISTEN to what they heard and ATTEMPT to rectify any problems.

Except to put GPS on trucks, a flawed idea. Wonder how the drivers feel. Doesn’t the city trust us?

In a totally useless act, Alderman John Nelson actually asked what number people should call if they have concerns, questions, etc.

That was it?

As if that was some outstanding public service?

That somehow got these council people off the hook?

How about we heard this from any elected official: We heard what you had to say and we listened, we care about that, we want to serve you in the best way possible, and we will INVESTIGATE what happened and how we can do better in the future.

Listen to the tape.

There wasn’t anything even close to that mentioned, including my hyper-enviro alderwoman who was no doubt in sheer delight that we don’t drop salt like we should.

This is how City Hall responds to you folks who pay the big, fat bills.

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