Week-ends (03/03/18)

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Jordan Bohannon

Hernan Barangan


This school district

Timothy Hoeller

Libby Schaaf

And President Trump


“I can only take responsibility for what I knew about. I exercised my due diligence. I have given amazing leadership to this agency. One person, at this point, didn’t do what he should have done. It’s horrific. It makes me sick to my stomach that we had a deputy that didn’t go in, because I know, if I was there, if I was on the wall, I would have been the first in, along with so many of the other people.”
Broward County (Fla.) Sheriff Scott Israel

I really believe–you don’t know until you test it, but I think–I’d really believe I’d run into–even if I didn’t have a weapon, and I think most of the people in this room would have done that too, because I know most of you. The way they performed was really a disgrace.”
President Donald Trump said Monday that he would have charged into a Florida school during the shooting there earlier this month even if he were unarmed. He slammed as “frankly, disgusting” the armed school guard who remained outside the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland that left 17 students and teachers dead. The president also criticized several deputies who failed to immediately enter the school, telling the governors that the law enforcement officers “weren’t exactly Medal of Honor winners.”

“Did Trump open the door with his comments? Sure. But ultimately, who cares? It’s a hypothetical. We don’t hire presidents to risk their lives fighting crime. The far more important question (covered by some) is how hard he will push the Hill do act on his gun proposals.”
Howard Kurtz, host of Fox News Channel’s  “MediaBuzz”

“Anytime you have somebody wanting to take away life, liberty or property without due process, that is a concern. I would like to figure out what he meant.”
Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) after President Trump talked about  enacting a comprehensive gun control package and said due process should come after guns are taken away from dangerous people

“I don’t know how much thought he put into what he actually was saying, in terms of the details of it.”
Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.)

“How does a public-sector union work? Easy.

“First, the state creates a monopoly. The monopoly forces taxpayers to fund those workers, whether they do a good job or not. The union then coerces workers to pay dues regardless of whether or not they want to. Then the union uses those dues to help fund political advocacy that perpetuates their monopoly and the union’s influence. So, in other words: racketeering.

“As it is, workers in union-heavy industries are typically under incredible pressure to join — in my experience, there are few bullies bigger than the union boss in everyday American life. Yet general union membership continues to crater.”
David Harsanyi, a senior editor at The Federalist

“Channing Dungey, president of ABC Entertainment, said during their Oscars telecast, the campaign against sexual harassment should be limited to a prescheduled ‘moment,’ so viewers don’t feel it ‘overshadows the artists and the films being honored.’

“If the Academy Awards people wanted to recall how Hollywood has behaved, they would take a ‘moment’ to replay the standing ovation for child-raping director Roman Polanski when he won best director in 2003. The audience could see Meryl Streep standing and applauding, and then there’s director Martin Scorsese doing the same, being a good sport about losing to Polanski, and standing up and clapping behind him is … Harvey Weinstein.

“That’s a good clip of Hollywood’s history on opposing sexual assault.”
Brent Bozell, lecturer, syndicated columnist, television commentator, debater, marketer, businessman, author, publisher and activist

“Expect to hear the word ‘bully’ and have any mention of the Hollywood sexual harassment scandal be tempered with a mention of the allegations against the president. That’s the only way they’ll address the elephant in the room.”
 Derek Hunter, contributing editor at The Daily Caller on This Sunday’s Oscars


Milwaukee a mecca for sex trafficking


Jobless Claims in U.S. Drop to Lowest in Almost Five Decades


Kids’ leadership on gun control


Meatball theft

Nudists in Hudson upset over USPS carrier who won’t deliver mail inside resort community

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