Franklin resident, you say you didn’t like the way snow was plowed? That’s your fault

This winter has been ripe for loud critics of Franklin’s snow removal efforts. Lots of complaints.

Understand that as far as City Hall is concerned, Franklin is never wrong. Franklin is always right. Franklin makes zero mistakes. If something does go wrong, someone else is to blame. Never Franklin.

At a February 19, 2018, meeting of the Franklin Common Council, a Department of Public Works official  in a rather insulting manner pointed accusatory fingers at residents who toss snow onto roadways. When this happens after a plow has been through it makes it appear as though the operation was sloppy. It can ruin the effectiveness of salt that’s been dropped.

Of course, this is wrong. Inconsiderate.

However, given the sheer volume and intensity of the dissatisfied comments this season, is the city really trying to blame what’s perceived by many (certainly not all) property owners as a poor job on people dumping snow onto city streets? Is this some new epidemic sweeping across Franklin to the point it’s totally disrupting and hamstringing plow drivers?

Apparently so because it was made crystal clear at the Common Council meeting that in the future offenders are going to be given citations whereas the city has been lenient in the past.

Well, isn’t that special fellow taxpayers.

We pay obscene taxes to live here and the city has decided to get punitive.

How the hell are they going to enforce it? I’d love to see that policy in specific language and not some “well it’s obvious when you see it” malarkey.

At the same meeting the Council did what it does best: spend money.

The city will spend $6,800 (granted, not a bundle of money) to install  a GPS system to verify if drivers were, indeed, on streets doing their job.

Council members think this is ingenious. No discussion. No debate. Unanimous support at their meeting.

Did anyone consider the fact that the GPS reading only designates if a drivers was in a certain location. It doesn’t determine if the plow was down, or, and this is important, if the driver did an effective job.

Now, is the city doing this because they are on a mission to provide the best of service, or do they just want an easy out, a method to demonstrate a truck was on a street if there’s a complaint to essentially cover their behind? The cynical bone in my body tells me it’s the latter.

Yes, those drivers have a tough job. No, I wouldn’t want to do it and no, I’m not going to apply for the position. But doggone it, like me, many taxpayers don’t ask for much and don’t get all upset that often. They just want something to show, preferably efficiency, for the huge check they are mandated to fork over every December.

GPS confirmation that a truck went past a house may not be any consolation. Threatening me with a ticket because there’s snow on the road during/after a storm? Nice government/constituent relations, Franklin.

3 thoughts on “Franklin resident, you say you didn’t like the way snow was plowed? That’s your fault

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