Does anything jump out at you from this Franklin school memo?

It was posted this past week on the Franklin Neighborhood Watch Facebook Page during a discussion on the mass shooting in Florida. The poster wrote he occasionally gets these letters from the school.

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According to VOX, 9 out of 10 public schools now hold mass shooting drills for students. Each year, nearly every student at an American public school is trained to cower under a desk or run for their lives to avoid being murdered by a gunman (This conflicts with a Wall Street Journal report that suggested “hardly any American schools hold active-shooter drills”).

Active shooter drills should ideally be conducted in ALL schools.

Back to the Franklin memo, published soon after the start of the current school season.

The school does monthly fire drills (required), but only two security drills.

In 2018, fires are not the prime concern.

Maybe security drills need to be done as or more frequently as fire drills.




3 thoughts on “Does anything jump out at you from this Franklin school memo?

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  2. They say they have done drills but no student seems to recall when this year. Odd to tout the preparation if this hasn’t happened.

    There were comments on the Franklin watch page about funding a police presence. I’m in favor of law enforcement in schools and wonder if we don’t already have (at least some of) the money.


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