Did Chris Abele pull a Steve Olson?

I do believe he did.

(For non-Franklin readers Steve Olson is Franklin’s mayor)

Patty Yunk of Milwaukee confronts County Executive
Photo: jsonline

The Milwaukee County Executive attended a public meeting at the Mitchell Park Domes Annex Tuesday night where people were angry to say the least about a proposal to charge parking fees in county parks.

“Nobody’s wrong to not want to pay more for government,” Abele told reporters. “They’re right.”

But he said if the county does not come up with more revenue, about $1.6 million, services will be cut.

“It’s hard to say what’s more important,” Abele said. “Parks are important. But so is transit, and services for people with disabilities, and senior centers. All these services are important and shouldn’t be cut.”

Abele said a drop in state funding over the past several years is the problem.

“The best way to try and change this is to talk to your state legislators.”

It’s the state’s fault.

Even though Abele proposed a budget that included the parking proposal and the County Board approved the budget, it’s the state’s fault.

Where have we heard that before? Hmm.

The Journal Sentinel reports that a budget amendment inserted by county supervisors requires any parking program to be approved by the county board that will take up the matter March 22.

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